Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

9 months! Flying by.‏

SO this week was an eventful one. Saturday we got permission to leave
early to go help a family with some service. You get to their
house by hopping on the colectivo that takes you as far out of Resistencia
as you can get (which is my area) then walking about 45 minutes to get to
their house. We entered to change out of working hard (shirt and tie)
clothes to play clothes to get ready to do some service. I could feel the spirit
strongly in their little home. They have a packed dirt floor with a house made
out of sticks and mud. To heat the home in which I couldn´t fully stand, they
had a little fire in the corner, and for beds they had a plastic tarp. What humble
loving people. When they come to church they wake up incredibly early, but they
are beginning to come more frequently. One thing I have come to learn and feel is
God´s love for ALL of his children. A gringo thousands of miles away from home on
his knees asking for help, a family out in a toba barrio, or a member who has
addiction problems. He loves them all and wants them ALL to have the best and to
achieve eternal life.
family didnt come to church this past sunday. They had a few
problems, disagreements, and long story short, their upcoming marriage almost fell
through. They are working on all the paperwork and blood tests, so everything will
work out now. But we taught them about The Family: A Proclamation to the World.
How powerful is this doctrine of the eternal family. They are excited once again to go
get married and make these sacred covenants with God.

The mission conference was incredible. With the whole office being sick, we had no
 clue how we were going to pull it off. But everything worked out perfectly. Even the
270 sandwiches coming from the Subway in Corrientes (oh, heavenly) worked out
perfectly! I sang in a quartet with some of my best friends in the mission to start off
the event, and the spirit in the whole conference was incredible. The song of the mission
was so touching. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am so blessed to be able to
see the fruits and joys of it on a regular basis.

Elder Johnson

Friday, June 13, 2014

Incredible week!

Family and Friends!
This week has definitively had its fair shares of ups and downs. More ups than downs—
it´s the work of the Lord. I know that it is. I feel almost selfish saying that there were
We spend a good 4 hours waiting around in the registro civil to help Ariel get married...
just to find out they have been on strike for 3 weeks, and are planning to lift the strike
in a week or so... We stood outside the building for a good while and took some time to
pray in our hearts. I know that it is God´s will that they be married, so we will be praying
hard for them.

We were able to get to know the Canciano family. They live half an hour by bus and an
hour by foot from the church. What an amazing family. It just goes to show that God
loves all of his children, even if you live far away from everyone.

It is incredible to see the changes in the lives of people. I can´t say this enough. I love
seeing the hearts of people be softened and changed completely. I love that the
atonement of Jesus Christ is so empowering. We just need to be humble and willing
enough  to utilize it.

I love this work. I love it I love it I love it. I learn so much daily, and I am truly just so
blessed to be a part of it. I focus so much on the blessings of the commandments as I
study personally. Testifying, and being a personal witness in my life and the life of my
family of the law of Chastity to Ariel and Isabel was powerful. And I know that as we
recognize these blessings in our personal lives, we will continue receiving even more.
Thank you so much for everything President!
Elder Johnson

Chile from Hermana Heyman
MCDONALDSSSSS! (President let us go to the only one in the mission.
Talk about feeling like I was right at home.... ah american food)
Elder Perez and I making cowboy beans with cow heart

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Awesome instagram video

How do the videos from President Heyman get better everytime!?!?   I love the beginning of this one 
that starts off with sister Heyman and her new companion.  Totally choked up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Instagram posts from President Heyman

Have I mentioned how sad I will be when President Heyman goes home? 
He is so awesome.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Family and  Friends!
Ariel and Isabel are just doing fantastically. With transfers, we haven’t
been able to see them this week much. But they are just excited about the
gospel, reading together as a family and just being incredible. We just need to
get them married already and help them into the water! I love finding people like
this. That are just so willing to change their lives so that they may follow Jesus
Christ. I know that this is what God wants for these people, and I know that there
 are so many people waiting for us to help them. We just need to trust in our Lord,
open our mouths and extend a hand of love to help them out.

What a blessing good health is. Even though I´m not bed restricted, its a little sad
that a little game of ping pong or a few phone calls wear me out. I have been so
blessed with great health in my life as well as in the mission. It is one of the blessings
that you don´t realize too much until you´re lacking it a little bit. Sister Heyman´s got
me in great care though.

The office is doing great. With transfers over we are so ready to get out there and invite
people! I am so grateful  for the opportunity to invite people all around me to come unto
Christ. I see that I rely on him more and more each day.

Here´s a few pictures to make up for a crummy short email..

The little boy (Salvador) is the brown version of Jamyn. He´s such a blast!
Ping pong in the mission house.

Sporting the sweat band from Dad

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Instagram Video

A little screen shot of a video President Heyman posted on Instagram I watched it a few times before
 I realized Tyler is that skinny kid in the black tee shirt.