Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mejor semana del Mundo!‏


WOW we had an amazing Christmas. I am so incredible blessed o workhere in this area. The people are so special and I love them so much. I have no clue where to even start. Oh, well weare writing in the gas station today... The furniture store didnt have dinternet yesterday, or today. SO we tried our luck here and ahi comienza la lucha con la maquina.

Wednesday we had a group activity. Just so humble and happy. Wee sang hymns together and just had a good time. I was so happy to be with all of the people I love so much and pass Christmas with them.

After that, we had a district meeting (we are a little district o 4 missionaries because we are so ar away from everyone else..) there under the mango tree in the church property. We spoke of the atonement of our Savior. HOW I LOVE THE ATONEMENT! I know that Christ as born and died for us. I love him so much. Elder pacheco asked me that which I do to show my gratitud for that wonderful sacrifice that Christ carried out for me. I have been deply pondering that question so muhc.

THat afternoon we passed for the Recalde familyi (the family of Mirco). THis time of th year is so hard for them because the 24th a feaw years ago pased away the father, and the 28th passed away the litltle brother. We sang with them and shared with them about the atonement. It was a lesson purely guided by the spirit. 

That afternoon we had ASADO with the Diaz family. I would never choose to pass Christmas in any other way. I love it here and love these families.

MOMMA AND DAD!!!!!! Thank you so much for the packages! We loved the beanies and the missionay stockings! I was so happy to receive them when we arrived in CLorinda for the zone Christmas conference the 26th. THank you so much :)

Our double birthday was the best. 65 people arrived to church, and I just was on the edge of tears the whole meeting to be all squished together with these people that I love. The sacrament took probably 15 minutes or more because there is only one priesthood holder that passed. Oh it was beautiful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Writing late because of internet.. This area is amazing, and I am so incredibly blessedto work here. But boy is comunication a little tough..
We changed pday to today because of a little complication with the baptism of Valiente that we will be having this Saturday. Everything is amazing and he is so excited to take this great and sacred step in his life.

This week has been amazing. We have been working hard with Valiente and helping him that he may make these important steps in his life. I just feel so blessed to work here. I dont think I have ever felt more love towards anyone more in my life than I do now towards these people in the colony. They are amazing, and never want to leave this area.

Veronica was finally confirmed. Sorry, I am all over the place, and I know that I am throwing new names all over.

I am so excited for Christmas. It is so much different here... its hot, they celebrate on the 24th instead of the 25th, but I am with some of the people I have loved the most in my whole life. Tomorrow we are having a group activity. Everyone is just so excited. We always make sure that we create spiritual experiences every time we are around others-- there are so many people that only are edified spiritually in these moments. 25th--SKYPE WITH MOMMAAAA!!!!! 26th-- zone activity! Asado, gift exchange, and Ill get mail from moma finally :)

I love you all! Focus in the Savior in this time of the year! HE is the gift!

Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo que ha dado a su hijo unigenito, para que todos que en Él cree no se pierda, mas que tenga vida eterna.

Juan 3:16

I dont remember how is goes in english, but I love sharing that scripture with others in the streets, in contacts. Because it is SO TRUE. God loves us. He sent his son. Our Savior lives!

Elder Johnson


Monday, November 3, 2014

super bad computer...‏

 washing the clothes
  Lunch in the church 

 pday tacos!

So this isnt the best computer Ihave ever used on earth. We had an amazing week really. I carried out divisions with an Elder that I knew while I was in the office. Poorguy.He told me that eventhe membersof the branch he is from told him that he wouldnt make itmore than 3 months in the mision. He carries 16 months in the mission now, and is trying to re dedicate himself tothe work. 3 emergency tranfers. Poorguy. Iwent to the divisions feling a little bit of pressure, and just wanting to help him. I just tried toshow that I love him, that he really can be a great missionaryand that he has so much potentialin the 8 months that he lacks in the mission. He told me in the end of divisions that this was the first time that he has liked divisions and that he learned so much. I felt so blessed towork wth him really.

Ithas been raining.Rainingraining raining. Ourpension hs been covered in mud,and thereisnt a single student here in the high schoolwe are writing in. Mud mud mud. Ilove it! Butit makes it sodifficultfor the people to go to church. 
We had a great fast yesterday.And saw so many results.I justfeelsoblessed towork in this great area. 
We started working with a partial family here in Naineck that moved from FormosaCapital. Such deisres that they have to come untoChrist. 

I love this work! SOrry for thismedio truchoemail.


Monday, October 27, 2014

La cartita para la semana‏

So Ill just say that the mision argentina resistencia has one more reason that makes it THE BEST! Bonus skype for Argentine mothers day was AWESOME! Love you momma :) Feliz dia de la madre. 

I have been studying so much in patience. At times I feel self consience as I speak with the people-- they are timid and arent used to being asked questions. So I am learning so much patience with myself and with the people that I love so much. 

We worked our tails off this week. Flying around on our little bikes. They dont make bikes for big people here. Since we bought the used bike, I have had to take it back to the shop every single day to get something fixed that I have broken... But we are having a great time playing in dust and bringing souls unto Christ. 

Interviews were amazing. Really just what I needed for a great battery charge to keep going. It was so good to talk, to express myself and to be taught. It was also so good to see Elder Fiabane, Elder Carrera and Elder Israelsen. I have been blessed with such amazing relationships here in the mission.

We have been working hard with investigators and less active people. It is such a priviledge to reach out to these people that really just need some love and understanding. Some nurturing in the gospel. We FILLED the church this week. We had 46 people there. Just a joy for me to see all of those members and people that are coming to know that which we love.

I love this work so much and am so blessed to be a part of it. 

Still havent seen any rain here. Honestly Im kind of excited to see what this place turns into with a little bit of water.. RAIN BOOTS!!

Elder Johnson

Taking a half shower (these save your life)
Sleeping in the colectivo after divisions
Probably going to baptize here :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A short one. Sorry about that. Im writing today because the man that works in theschoolthat lets us usehis computers had tokick us out and leaveyesterday. And my space bar doesnt really work...

What an amazing week. Sunday Elder Mendozaand I were walking and working so hard.Then we turnedtoeachother and saidthat we bothwantedto workhard, butthatour legs just werent cooperating.I love that somuch. Working until Ive really given itall. Itsan amazing feeling to know that our efforts goto help the salvation of children of God.

I hada unique experiencein the church today. The reunions follow being mostly in the dialect toba, which hasnothing to dowith Castellano... At first I was a little discouraged. But then Irealizedthat Iwasfeelingthe spirit sostrongly. I know thatthis is the true church and the onlychurch of our SaviorJesus Christ here on earth. I feelthe same in our tiny little church without lights, without a piano and singing thesame 3 hymnsthat the membersremember than I do at home in Phoenix, Idaho, Mercedes, Resistencia, and every singleother chapel I havebeen to.I feel amazing andatpeace.

Illtry to be betterat writing. Momma, ElderMendoza andI have the same birthday!So we will berighteously andsuper obediently partying it up likecrazy people the 28th. Juuusstttt so you know, ;) We like treats. A lot. Therearent really treats here in our area. Theyonly have onetype of alfajor, so my streak oftrying a new alfajor every week has been broken.

I just feelso incredibly blessed to be here. We made cookiesfor the mommas that have been so greatto us here in the pueblo andcolonia. They arejust amazing andI am so happy to havethem in my life. Wetoldthem happy mothersday andlet them know how really grateful weareforthem. I amso grateful and blessedtobehere.And incrediblyhappy!

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



So I had to reprogram basically the whole computer to get it started up. We have looked every night since we arrived here in Laguna Naineck for a cyber. Today we finally found the little elementary school and found out they have computers. Im not sure if I would consider them computers, but they have lights and a keyboard. So I guess they work...

I love it here. We have been so incredibly blessed. The night before I left the office, I was kneeling down and praying real hard and just asked that everything would turn out okay in my new area. I really do feel insufficient at times when I teach and minister in the mission field-- I have been in a chair counting money and playing with budgets for the last 9 months. 

We didnt start out too well. Our bus picked us up an hour late, and when we were leaving Resistencia, it broke down. A couple hours later, a smaller bus came, picked us up and took us to Clorinda. I sat with Elder Carrera and we just talked about that which we had learned as office Elders. I have been so blessed to serve in the office and to help all the missionaries here in the mission with their money. Maybe they all werent all that happy with me, but I sure have learned a lot.

We slept 6 missionaries in the tiny pension of Elder Israelsen in Clorinda. Toasty. We got up early and headed to Laguna Blanca with plans to sleep there and be traveling back and forth for a couple weeks. We called our Dueña and she let us move into our pension in Laguna Naineck that the Elders had found for us that night. She lent us mattresses, a fan, and a table. She showed us where everything is, and has just been a huge help. What a blessing. 

The next day we ran into a member that was just put into tears that we were in the city. She moved from Buenos Aires with intentions to build up the church here in Laguna Nainek, but a few things happened and she ended up going a little astray. She was so happy she even brought us cookies!! Woo hoo!!!! We have been working with her and her precious little family. They made the long haul hour walk to church in the colony.

The furniture store people have also been a huge blessing. They always let us know where they need to go and give us rides when needed. Such amazing people. We gave the family a Book of Mormon, and they were just so graeful. Im so glad that we have the opportunity to make a first impression with the people. Last night we were asking the Hermana about where we should go buy food. After explaining the whole town to us, she brought us a full dinnner. I was just too happy, and so grateful for a nice little dinner (we have been having problems finding lots of food to buy here and coordinating it with our schedule-- rice with eggs has been getting pretty old honestly). This is such a special people, and I feel incredibly blessed to be here.

The little group of members is doing great. We started off great working with these special priesthood holders and doing divisions. We had a church attendance of 33 this week. The investigators were amazing, and 11 came, many bringing friends and family. I feel so excited to work with these people. Half of the sacrament meeting, as well as our lessons are in Toba, but it is okay. I feel like I am in Havasupai again. I love these special aborigine people-- they have such great faith and love for the Lord.

Lets go for best week ever #2!!!

Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014



What an amazing week. Boy has it flown by. We haven’t had much time at all to work in our area, but the time in our area was so productive and efficient. We carried out divisions with two amazing members of the ward—so many members were excited to go out with us to the point that we had 3 companionships heading out in the same night. I left with Hermano Vega. What an incredible, kind man. He has served as bishop, stake president, and now he is serving as the early, EARLY, morning seminary teacher. He spoke with me, answered questions, and really was a mentor to me as we walked to our appointment. We visited the Enriquez family who has been out of work for so long, and have really had this as a spiritual obstacle in their lives. The last time we went by, we invited them to pass by the employment center over there in the church. They exercised a little faith, prayed a little harder, looked a little more diligently, and some great results turned out. They both found jobs in the same weekend, and are just feeling happy and blessed and really recognizing that they are receiving amazing blessings.

We carried out service for Bishop Shulz twice this last week. What a great family! I feel so blessed for the opportunities and blessings I have been given to come to know, love, and work with these amazing leaders in the church. I have learned so much from their examples and their manner of loving and leading these groups of faithful members and those who have fallen astray in this special region of Argentina. I MOWED THE LAWN (with a PUSH mower!) I miss mowing the lawn Saturday mornings. I love service. Oh man I just love it. Especially when I have the chance to serve those whom I love as so.

I will be heading to a new area to open it up to missionary work. Before, ten years ago or so, missionaries visited by frequently on bicycle to the point where a small group was formed even with a little capilla. However, without bicycle the city has been left behind. There have never been missionaries stationed there. I will be covering a small village of aborigines, La Primavera, and a small city named Laguna Naineck. Laguna Naineck has never had missionaries before. The two towns are close by a larger town named Clorina, which is right next to the border or Asuncion, Paraguay. I will be heading up there with Elder Mendoza, an ex zone leader that has been working in Reconquista, Santa Fe. He´s a little guy from Lima, Peru, but he is a working machine.

OH!!!! Then we´ve got transfers. I am so excited and feel so incredibly blessed to go serve the people in La Primavera and Laguna Naineck. Every night since seeing the transfers, I have laid in bed thinking about this group of special saints and people up near Clorinda. As I listened to the general conference, I thought and pondered about them so much in how I can help them, serve them, and help that little group of members to grow and eventually be a branch. I feel so comforted by the spirit as I think about this great task. I have been in an office chair the majority of the time here in the mission; I don’t really feel all that practiced at making changes such as these. However, as I listened to the conference, I was comforted in knowing that my abilities and capabilities will be increased beyond my own so that I may complete this task that I have been assigned. I feel so blessed to be able to work with Elder Mendoza. I know that as we work together, we will have success.

The assistants visited the Primavera a few weeks ago to start looking for a place to live, and to talk with the local members and leaders about bringing them missionaries. President, and the members, have been waiting for this for a long time now. Elder Ortiz, told me that the members were just about in tears when they heard that they would be receiving missionaries finally. I feel so humbled to be able to serve this little group who I already love. It will be definitely different than sitting in an office chair and handling money, but I am sure that the Lord will help us both.

As we were getting ready to see transfers, I was reading the scriptures, and began joking with the Elders here in the office. Alma is relating faith in Christ as a seed, and describes a few blessings to us:

And because of your diligence and your faith and your patience with the word in nourishing it, that it may take root in you, behold, by and by ye shall pluck the fruit thereof, which is most precious, which is sweet above all that is sweet, and which is white above all that is white, yea, and pure above all that is pure; and ye shall feast upon this fruit even until ye are filled, that ye hunger not, neither shall ye thirst.

I read this scripture to the other Elders and began playing with them how this scripture was just like that which is passing with me. I never “suffered” here in the office. But I just love so much working in the mission field. I feel, especially knowing now where I am going and the people I will be helping, that the fruit and blessings will be delicious and just amazing. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my mission. It will be an amazing experience.

We headed to the Matto family to say goodbye. What an amazing, converted family. As I spoke with Andrea, Gabriel, Agustin and Carolina, I just felt stronger and stronger that this work really isn’t mine. I can’t change people to the extremity that this family has changed. I personally can’t bring happiness to the lives of people like this family has received. But the Lord can. And through his only true church here on the earth today, his restored gospel, sacred and so necessary ordinances we may perform as we come to accept him, people change. I love that about the mission—getting front row seats to this amazing changing process in the lives of people through the atonement. I know it’s true. I feel it more and more daily.

Elder Johnson

                                                    Goodbyes with the Matto family!
 Sent Elder Santana home this morning. He has helped me so much.

Pictures of the office elders´ house

 We put all 8 bunks in the same room. A party every night :)

Pictures home this week

 elder mendoza and I heading to the Primavera :)

Elder Ramon enjoying conference

    Friday, October 3, 2014

    Changes are afoot in the office man.‏


    Wow has this week been a great one! I smashed down my kilo of Gridos ice cream in 23 minutes, our Lo Lo´s chicken and waffles were amazing (thank you for the waffle iron) and I had so many great spiritual experiences.

    I am using this year mark as a “restart”. Fix some great goals, start a new journal, leave some bad habits and attitudes behind and start fresh with a new year. I am feeling incredibly excited about the work, so I am hoping that I can maintain this excitement. I love the mission so much.

    Saturday, we had the great opportunity to see Carolina Matto be baptized over there in barrio II. I left barrio II back in April, and since the baptism of Andrea, we have been waiting for everything to work out so that Carolina, her sister, could be married and baptized. A good half year later, we were able to see this amazing woman set the example for her husband and daughter and follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by immersion, and by the power that God has given man here on the earth. I have such a testimony of this Priesthood power—only by this power can baptisms, sealings, and other incredibly sacred ordinances be valid. It was such a touching experience to sit by Agustin and Gabriel, the sons of Andrea, who are now fanatics of the gospel who are truly converted and know that this gospel is true. Andrea faithfully holds a calling and has rock hard set goals to go to the temple when financial circumstances permit. I feel so blessed and humbled to see some of the amazing fruits of the prayer, study, and work we dedicated to this family. All of it starting with a “last door” of Elder Howlett and I on a hot humid night in February when all we really wanted to do was get on the colectivo and head home. I know that the spirit guided us to that home. It has been such a blessing to see this family make incredible and life changing gospel as they have come to accept the restored and only complete gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth. As Ammon said while glorying in the Lord:

    “Therefore, let us glory, yea, we will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever.Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel. “ Alma 26:16
    I cannot express the smallest part of the feelings I have as a servant in the work of the Lord.

    Sunday night I went on divisions with a recent convert 16 year old priest in the ward Ezequiel Gomez. I love working with the future missionaries. One of the reasons is because I remember the days when the missionaries dragged me out to go work with them. Such incredible missionaries that had such an impact on my life. Surely they had so much patience for my lack of knowledge and teaching skills, poor guys. But they made a difference in my life and made it assured and firm to me that I needed to go out on a mission. Although Ezequiel wanted to take pictures of every single thing we did—waiting for the bus, in the bus, walking out of the office, and the list goes on, I had an incredible experience with him.

    We are working so much better with members as well, and I am seeing such results in this ward. As I gave a small talk as Bishop Shulz asked yesterday to say farewell to the ward, I was so filled with emotion. I came into the ward missing Barrio II. I missed the members, the priests, my converts and the less active members with whom I was working. I learned to love the ward when I fixed the goal to change the culture of the ward—to help us be a rescuing, finding and loving ward. The ward still has a long ways to go, but as I looked out into the congregation, I felt the love I had for each and every member of this little group of saints God has here in the middle of nowhere Argentina Resistencia. They have made SO much progress, and are excited about extending a hand of love to those that need it and to start working together in the work of the Lord. I love them so much, and it hurts my heart a little to start saying goodbye to them. We have divisions and lessons with members planned out for this last little amount of time I will be here in the ward.

    The talent show turned out AMAZING. We did the chin act upside-down thing (if you want a performance, all you need to do is ask president). We were named Los Pericles, and just had the whole crowd on their feet. Even though we practiced the least out of all the acts, we just made everyone so happy. Just a really great time with these Elders that I love so much. I don’t know if that helped out image as missionaries in the ward or if it just turned us into upside down singing chins that don’t know the words to any primary songs… (Who would have known that popcorn popping would be so hard? Palomitas isn’t even a word here…)

    Now if this is boasting, even so will I boast; for this is my life and my light, my joy and my salvation, and my redemption from everlasting wo. Yea, blessed is the name of my God, who has been mindful of this people, who are a branch of the tree of Israel, and has been lost from its body in a strange land; yea, I say, blessed be the name of my God, who has been mindful of us, wanderers in a strange land.

    I started pday a little late today because we had an audit of the mission. Last night and all this morning. But then he took us out to a nice parrilla (Hermano Gomez Paz is the best). Oh man. Im sorry Uncle Sam, but American barbecues (how in the world do you spell that??) have nothing on a nice Argentine Asado. I was just about the happiest thing alive here in Argentina during that lunch. He explained to us that, sure, we might not have tons of time out in the field bringing others unto Christ, but the hours we sacrificed are multiplied by 20 in the precious hours missionaries have to preach and bring others to Christ. I loved that.

    President will show us transfers TOMORROW! MAÑÑÑAAANNAAAA. So Ill know where I will be shipping off to this upcoming  wednesday. Ill be on Tuesday to let ya know momma.

    I love this work. Its just TOO good. How was I so blessed to have this gospel in my life. Go share it with someone :)

    Elder Johnson

                                                        Elder Williams and I after the audit

    Friday, August 22, 2014


    WOOOO HOOOO! Im an uncle! UNCLE!!!! That is the best news ambs! Mom and Dad-- you will both make super grandparents. Minions--Dibs on being favorite uncle. Ambs and Darren--SUERTE....

    This week has been great. Two Elders went home for problems from before the mission and it just broke my heart. I love these missionaries with whom I serve, and I have realized that I have developed so many important friendships with them. I am so glad that I have been sent to this mission to serve my God. 

    WE FOUND OUR HOUSE!!! (I think). Its half a block from the church and it will work perfectly. The only problem is the realitor. (How do you spell that?). He needs a few lessons on being a buisiness man from Grandpa Johnson. We will see how it all turns out. I felt a little silly, but during my prayers that night I just thanked Heavenly Father for hearing our prayers to find a place to live. It´s something so insignificant, but it meant so much to us, and I know that our prayers were answered.

    We decided to start working closer with Bishop. I love him so much. He´s just a happy, silly guy. I feel bad, but before I didnt think the best of him because he missed a lot of church. But we had an hour talk with him about the work we had done with the less active members, and talking about how we can serve. And he just lit up and was so happy for the work that we have done. He wants to have a chat with us every week now. And he even wants to call a ward mission leader, so we are making some huge progress. THEN he invited us over for dinner. WHATTTT??!?!! Ive had two meals with members in the last 6 months, so that just made me so darn happy. We had ASADO, and talked about the ward and his family. I am so grateful for the amazing leaders with which I am able to work here in the mission.

    Luz and Marcos are doing incredibly. We finished up all the lessons that they need to have to be baptized and they just are too excited for this Saturday. It will be a unique experience for them. 
    I´m praying so hard that they will be able to have a memorable experience as they make this covenant with our Heavenly Father in the same exact way that Christ was baptized. Isn´t that great? That God has put all of this back on the earth through one of his prophets so that we may return to live with him? It awes me every time.

    Love you all! Thank you so much for the prayers.

    Elder Johnson

    Obispo Shultz, hna Shultz y yo.

    We made 5 liters of Horchata for Elder Perez´s last pday here in the office.

    Elder Fiabane and I in a conference-- We are splitting up Wednesday, so this is going to be tough and a little sad for me. I love him so much.
    We made 5 liters of Horchata for Elder Perez´s last pday here in the office.

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    Weekly Email!‏

    I was walking around the plaza with Elder Perez, and I knew I wouldn’t have
     too much time for email today because of our empanada party, so I thought
    I would try something a little different. So I made a voice recording with the cell
    phone-- I realized I had less things to say than I thought I would.

    So shortly, Luz and Marcos are doing great with their goals to be baptized the
    23rd. We had a lesson with them on Wednesday, and we realized that they didn’t
    really have a great testimony that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith.
    We started asking about their lectura with the Book of Mormon and the correlation,
    as we expected, was evident. The Book of Mormon is key. If we want to KNOW that this
    is the only true church of Jesus Christ that has been restored through a living prophet,
    we must read the Book of Mormon. I know that God has spoken with me through this
    holy book. I love it oh so much. Through times of struggle, even though maybe I wasn’t
    doing  all the right things, by reading this book the Lord was able to hold onto me and
    help me step by step to follow my Savior. I know that it is the word of God.

    SO, we dropped a little cane  (with love) told them the importance of the book and
    explained to them the importance. That night they read and prayed. The next day,
    during their baptismal interviews they expressed wobbly, newly born testimonies of
    the Book of Mormon and of the restoration. Wow. I was so happy for them and for the
    progress they have made. The church is so incredibly true. No doubt about it.

    Love you all!

    Elder Johnson

    Empanada party!

     Reimbursment champ humbled...

    Extra Pictures

    Friday, August 8, 2014

    Weekly Letter Home!‏

    A week not too eventful. It has been spent mostly in the office, looking for more houses, reimbursments, etc. We are getting closer and closer to finding a place to live for all the office Elders, so we will keep our hopes up.

    We are supposed to have a cita in the church tonight with Ariel. He hurt his back playing futbol a few weeks ago, so it is tough for him to sit. He says that he still wants to come to church, but he can´t sit for the whole time. Still no luck with Isabel. One of her records isnt found in the civil registry, so the marriage hasnt passed yet, and we havent talked with Isabel for a good week. 

    We got to do service for a family in the ward this last Saturday! It was a blast. Ill give the lawn mower a kiss when I get home. Machettes are fun for a few 3 minutes. I love this family.

    I went on probably the most humbling divisions yesterday. I went on divisions with a little 24 year old Peruvian that was in Resistencia for a medical exam. He has been having them for the last while. I left with him during the siesta so he wouldnt be in the office doing nothing. He wasnt the greatest teacher or the most spectacular at contacting, but his love for the people was so strong. Then he shared with one family how he had lost his mom 6 weeks ago. That just broke my heart. We were talking on the bus a little and he began to tell me about his family, and how he was so happy to skype them on mothers day.  I asked him if they were members and he told me no. I asked him if they supported him and he answered me that because of the death of his mother, he receives no support from the family. For the reasoning of, if he was a representative of Jesus Christ, how could our Savior let this happen. I just put my arm around him and couldnt speak. Last night he was telling us a story, and he spoke briefly about his mud house. This morning he came into my office and I asked him how his exam results came out and he let me know that the pain in his leg was cancerous. I feel like the mission is so hard at times, but then I see such sweet people as him and want to help them so much. We have so many blessings, and as humans we can be so quick to forget all of them. Let´s count our blessings.

    Thank you for all the prayers and support. I know that our Savior lives and loves us. He died for us. Each and every one. How amazing is it to know that? Share it with someone! In the Mission Leadership Counsel we focused so much on working with members and hastening the work (that sounds so weird in English...) The Lord´s work needs to be done and it needs to be done now!

    Elder Johnson

    Reimbursments like a champ (for a while....)

    Mowing lawns just like the summer Saturdays back home.

    Friday, August 1, 2014

    Looking for a place to live...‏

    What a quick week. We´re already half way through the transfer.

    This week wasnt all that eventful to be honest. The last week I left the office to work was Sunday afternoon. The rest of the week I have been calling every single real estate business in Resistencia for to find us a new place to live. When the inmobiliarias tell me that everything is rented out, that means EVERYTHING is rented out. Never before the mission did I think I would be praying for help with money, finding a place to live, playing with excel graphs, etc., but it is amazing how the Lord unfolds that which he wants us to do as we trust in him and do his will. I know that I am carrying out his will as I help others to come unto Christ and know his restored gospel.

    One of the new investigators we found Thursday during our fast came to church on Sunday. The BIGGEST obstacle for basically the whole mission I would say. I don't know if it is like this in the whole country, but 9 AM church, living half an hour away on bus and the culture don't mix. So I just love the members that show the faith to come to church every Sunday to renew their promises that they have made with God at baptism. Luz and her son Marcos came happily to church this last Sunday. So we will be praying for them.

    Still no contact or success with Ariel, Isabel and the family. We will definitely continue praying for them.

    I love the focus we are taking in the mission in hastening the work. Wow wow wow it is so true!!! It just gets me so pumped. I know that we need to work together in this work as members and missionaries. No doubt about it. Lets go help in the hastening of the work!

    Elder Johnson

    Mom, remember when you used to give me haircuts, and you´d let me go around with ridiculous haircuts to swim meets, or around the house? I think Dad was always out of town during those times... Hhaha best mom ever! (Celebrating childhood memories)

    Broken hammock (see last week´s explanation)

    MOM AND DAD! Thanks for the Argentine tie! We are in the aduana, and here are our best friends (as you can see with the bags and stacks of packages, sometimes things dont come through all that quickly). They like me so much, they gave it to me for free again :)

    Friday, July 25, 2014

    10 months baby!

    This week was a lot better than the last. Not in the sense that all of the hard things disappeared, but I think a few more focused prayers and more hard work makes really all the difference.

    As of now, Ariel and Isabel dont look like they will be getting married and baptized. Man what a heart breaker. A great amount of doubts have formed in Isabel for a few things that have happened, and these doubts grew into some pretty sturdy brick walls. She doesnt want to be baptized, doesnt want to go to church, and doesnt want to be the member of any church. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true, she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but just cant get over the flaws of men. Sharing with her my testimony has strengthened my own. Boy what gladness and changes the Book of Mormon has brought to my life. I know, without a doubt that it is the word of God. God has truly talked with me through that book. He´s shown me time and time again what is it that he wants me to do and the person which he wants me to be. After reluctantly praying, she invited us back for tomorrow, so we are praying for miracles. 

    We put it all in on the Lord, as its said. We decided to fast as a companionship for the family of Ariel and Isabel, so that we can find new and prepared people to teach and to show our gratitude. We had a great phone call with Ariel that night, and in the 3 hours we were in our area, we found 5 new investigators who accepted the invitation to be baptized. So, back where I´m from, we call that a miracle! I know that God takes care of his goofy little companionship of Elder Fiabane and Elder Johnson.

    Oh! So since the other Elders got transfered to barrio 2, I got to go on divisions to see Andrea, our convert. She is doing amazing! We taught about the family, and used the pamphlets. Agustin and Gabriel (the kids) took the pamphlets after seeing mine and had almost their whole family trees filled out before the end of the lesson. It was AMAZING to be able to open to my 4 generation tree and to be able to say that all the work has been carried out in the temple so that one day, we will be an eternal family. What a blessing it is to be in this church and have this knowledge!

    Love you all! Stay awesome :)

    Elder Johnson

    More service for the Canciano family.
    Andrea, the family, and our family trees! (Her sister Carolina is going to getting married and baptized!)
    The hammock nail thingies broke while I was making calls and Elder Fiabane was swinging me dangerously...

     Elder Fiabane and I in this super huge statue art festival last week

    We found a place that almost had burritos!

     Resistencia view

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Family and Friends!

    This week is going to be a shorty!

    The paperwork for Ariel and Isabel is still in a mess. The civil registry here keeps going on and off of strike, and the man that works there doesn't like our church and beliefs, so he isn't making it any easier. It is so sad that people who call themselves Christians treat others so differently than the manner in which Christ would treat his loved people. Something that I really want to improve about myself.

    Elder Fiabane and I are companions again! For the fourth transfer in a row, so this will be about 6 months together. We are excited to be able to work together and help Ariel, Isabel, the ward, and the people that are waiting for us in our area. I know if we work hard we will find them.

    We went and helped the Canciano family again on Saturday. We found an ant pile taller than me. Probably wasnt the greatest idea to climb on top of it... But am I ever going to find something so great?

    We found Sergio in a little neighborhood of chapa houses. His partner wife passed away four months ago and is struggling in all aspects. I just wanted to reach out to him and help him. We taught him how to pray after explaining to him of the plan that God has for him, his wife and his children. It is incredible to see how the spirit works with people. He felt God´s love in front of his little home, and I know that God loves him as one of his children.

    Love you all! Stay amazing!

    Elder Johnson

    Huge ant pile
    We tried taking a cute skipping picture like all the sister missionaries do. Didnt really turn out the same....
    We got another Elder Johnson in the mission!

    Friday, July 11, 2014

    Email Home!‏

    ​This week went quickly just like all the others!

    We have probably the craziest landlord on the face of planet earth. We are trying to move out of our pension because, well. It has every problem on the face of planet earth. Including being built on a lagoon of some type. We wondered why the only two houses for sale that we have seen in Resistencia (well, in the central part) are right next door to us. So pray for us that we will make it out alive.

    The family follows with tons of excitement for their marriage. There are more paperwork problems, so we will continue being patient and praying. I think one of us is going to be changed this transfer that comes up Tuesday, so the peanut butter and dulce de leche duo, I´m guessing, won´t be together anymore. We´ll see what happens.

    One thing I have been really focusing on is just loving. I realized that I still love the people and the other missionaries, but I had lost my focus in it. In loving and trying so hard to be able to understand. It is so great to see the change in the spirit when we love and try to always understand the people. I feel so much closer to my Savior when I do it. I know that as we try to come closer to others through true, unselfish love, we can really understand their needs and desires. I know that God loves us like this. We are so imperfect. I can´t imagine the patience that he has for us, his children here on the earth.

    We worked with a few inactive families really closely this week. Especially a family Lugones of a lot of teenagers. It is just great to see the spirit the youth have here. I always thought it was difficult to be a youth of the church back home-- I realize how ungrateful I was. 

    I love you all! Thank you for all the love and support!

    Elder Johnson


    I was about to pray, then Elder Ratliff and Elder Carrera decided to tackle Elder Fiabane in the middle bunk. Good thing I got up to take off my socks...