Friday, June 6, 2014

Family and  Friends!
Ariel and Isabel are just doing fantastically. With transfers, we haven’t
been able to see them this week much. But they are just excited about the
gospel, reading together as a family and just being incredible. We just need to
get them married already and help them into the water! I love finding people like
this. That are just so willing to change their lives so that they may follow Jesus
Christ. I know that this is what God wants for these people, and I know that there
 are so many people waiting for us to help them. We just need to trust in our Lord,
open our mouths and extend a hand of love to help them out.

What a blessing good health is. Even though I´m not bed restricted, its a little sad
that a little game of ping pong or a few phone calls wear me out. I have been so
blessed with great health in my life as well as in the mission. It is one of the blessings
that you don´t realize too much until you´re lacking it a little bit. Sister Heyman´s got
me in great care though.

The office is doing great. With transfers over we are so ready to get out there and invite
people! I am so grateful  for the opportunity to invite people all around me to come unto
Christ. I see that I rely on him more and more each day.

Here´s a few pictures to make up for a crummy short email..

The little boy (Salvador) is the brown version of Jamyn. He´s such a blast!
Ping pong in the mission house.

Sporting the sweat band from Dad

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