Friday, March 28, 2014


  •                             caught a turtle from the sewer ditch..‏

  •                                    6 month 1/2 kilo‏                                                                                                       


    Elder Fiabane and I in Corrientes‏

I don´t have much time left, but the question about charity made me think so much.
I know that I love the people. I can feel it when I teach, work with them, and I want the best for them. But charity, being the true love of Christ, I think I lack arriving to have this trait. I love the people so much, but just as I have had to grow so much to come to this point, I am sure that it will take much growth to come to love in the way Christ loves us. I´ve noticed as we have come to love the members in the ward, I have been able to work with them so much more effectively. As I have come to love my investigators, I have been able to invite them to come into Christ for their true benifit. And even the poeple that reject us. Loving them has helped me to leave with a smile on my face, knowing that the little testimony we were able to share helped them come a little closer to their Savior.

This week was amazing! We are so excited for Andrea´s baptism tomorrow!

Elder Johnson

Friday, March 21, 2014

La mision esta volando!‏

Family and Friends!
As I approach my 6 month mark in the mission, and of course, prepare to eat
half Kilo of Grido (mas bien!) I have been put to reflect on what I have done
for the Lord in the last 6 months, what I have learned, who I have become,
and of course, how I want to serve the Lord in the 18 months that come. Wow.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am in Argentina, doing that which I
have always dreamed of doing. Being a representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ
and bringing the gospel to those that are desparately waiting for it. The biggest
obstacle in our companionship right now is finding these people.

Andrea, Synthia (her niece) and Gabriel are progressing fantastically. We havent
had time to see them this week, seeing that last night was the first night I have
been able to leave the office since Sunday. I know that there is some way to speed
up this reimbursment process. It just takes a plan... We have fixed to pass a little
of time with the Mato family (Andrea) and the Duarte family with a Family Home
Evening in the church Saturday night. Turning to prayer to find an hermanamiento
like we were counseled to do (what does that mean in English) has really opened
doors for the spirit to work with the members and with us.

We carried out divisions with the Priests last night, and it made me remember
going out with the missionaries back in the Black and White times. The only thing
we lacked was a little Chino Bandito to close off the night. But it made me remember
how amazing I thought missionary work was. I think I taught a total of 3 lessons in all
the countless nights I spent with the missioanries. But I knew that it was the work of
the Lord, and just as long as I was inviting people to come unto Christ and working my
hardest, I was happy. I need to remember that more often.
Apparently the turtles don´t always just stay in the sewer ditches... I saw one in a pancake
form crossing the road. But he stopped crossing the road. I learned that there are two types
of leaders. Those that observe, and those that observe and act. I guess turtles are observers...
Poor little guy.

I love you all! Thank you for the love and support!

Elder Johnson

Friday, March 14, 2014

The duo: Fiabane y Johnson week 24

I love having the opportunity to work with Elder Fiabane in Barrio II.
We are working so great with the members already, such as the priests
in the ward, a few hermanamientos, and we are working to have a few
members host lessons in their homes. Not having as many baptisms as the
majority of my group in the MTC is discouraging at times. I wonder what I am
doing wrong to not have this type of success of bringing other people unto Christ.
Then of course, I must remember that it isn´t about what I as Elder Johnson do,
it is how I allow the spirit to work through me. I just need to be more trusting in
the Lord that there are people prepared here, and follow the revelation we have
received to help them. I feel a little pressure being Senior companion with Elder
Fiabane, especially since he has more time in the mission than me. But hey, you
learn from your mistakes, right?

Going on divisions to take Elder Karmanov out on his first day in the field was
definitely a treat. We had two lessons, one of which I cut off short because the lady
had no interest in the gospel.. The rest of the night we were looking for a few inactive
families, and passing for discussions that were falling through. His excitement followed
without wavering. It made me remember when I first got to the mission, and how every
single charla was just as important as the next. I feel like I have lost that a little bit, and
working with him helped me remember that these lessons are so incredibly important for
the salvation of the people and that we have been sent to these people to teach them.

Everything is great! I am loving my time in the office. We all have a little heartache
without Elder Child. I love all of these Elders so much!

Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnson
Misión Argentina Resistencia
435 Entre Ríos
Resistencia, Chaco 3500
Casilla de Correo #1


Friday, March 7, 2014

¡Semana Capísima!‏ week 23

This time of the year always gets me pumped. The other Elders call the
weather right now just about an early September… For me, its about a great
Thanksgiving weather. Before, I was excited by state swim, state marching band,
and all the exciting things happening in the fall time of the year. The smell
(besides the sewers) gets my energy going for some unreal swimming excitement.
The carnaval drums fit right in to this time of the year as well (minus Mr. Vogt´s
bullhorn and 7 in the morning marching band practices.) However, right now, this
fall weather is getting me pumped to go invite people to come unto Christ and be
baptized! Better than I could have ever imagined, that is for sure. I haven´t had all
that much success in bringing people to the waters of baptism as of right now;
however, there have been many times where I have received witness from the
spirit that this is the work that the Lord wants me to be doing.

I realized that I am so much more driven by the needs of other people right now,
and that which the Lord wants of me. Usually I have to direct my thoughts on other
people, and push myself to stop thinking in my own needs and selfish wants. This week,
I realized that these thoughts come more naturally, and I am thinking in the needs and
desires of other children of God. I know that I have so much work left in this area; however,
I know that the Lord is helping me and answering my prayers.

Elder Child taught me that if you take a super cold shower while fasting it takes the
thirst away. Totally works! I will miss him extremely, especially the great example of
a leader he has been for me these last 4 months in Argentina.

Right now I am reading the Book of Mormon, focusing on leadership traits. I have
noticed that leadership traits are the same as traits of Jesus Christ that we find in
Preach My Gospel (I haven´t heard it called that in years it feels like). The common
thread of great scriptural leaders such as Nephi, Lehi, Moroni, Peter, Daniel, and
ultimately, our Savior Jesus Christ is that they are always focusing on the will of the
Lord, and the needs of the other people. Not what other people thought of them, or
the popular choices. As I apply the things I learn as I read the scriptures, I know that
God will help me achieve the potential he has in store for me.

Something I learned in Argentina this week: well, president Heyman gave me permission
to drive the camioneta (pickup) this week! There aren´t stop signs. Just a bunch of one
way streets. The person to the right, or the bigger car, always has the right of way.
WATCH OUT RESISTENCIA!  I´m also learning how to speak porteño.  Elder Fiabane
(from Buenos Aires) and I speak English in the house so that he may learn the language.
Outside of the house, we speak Castellano. So, instead of ´´jo my jamo´´ I´ve got a sweet
´´sho me shamo´´ going on. He hits me every time I speak ´´unpure´´ Spanish.

Oh, I lost the ping pong tournament… so disappointed in myself. President Heyman
can make a MEAN hamburger! Sister Heyman made us BANANA CREAM PIE!!!
(oh all of this was a goodbye party for Elder Child). And Elder Perez´s ´´cowboy beans´´
are in the running with your beans momma ;) He wants to come to the states and open up
´´Bean and Beany Tacos: Tacos for the whole family´´. I don´t think anyone has the heart to
tell him that ´´Beaner´´ is derogatory… he thinks it is just a title like gringo. I don´t want to r
uin his business name..

Letters, even though they take a littlleeee while to get here, ALWAYS help missionaries.
Just saying ;)
I know this is the work of the Lord. He is the head of it. A man tried to deny it and fight
with us. We thanked him for his time, testified, and left. Although he accused us and was
awful to us, I felt so close to my Savior at this time. I know he knows me, and I know he
knows and loves each one of us.
Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnson
Misión Argentina Resistencia
435 Entre Ríos
Resistencia, Chaco 3500
Casilla de Correo #1