Monday, July 20, 2015

Week for Growing

This was a week for growing. Sometimes those are the hardest, but the best and most memorable weeks in the mission though. I have always felt a little bad when I have felt the lacking feeling, or the need to improve so much. But this morning I was studying in PME chapter 6 a little bit about WHY we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I loved 3 Nefi 12:48. He asks us that we be PERFECT. Its a pretty big order, but it comes so lovingly, and Christ has fought our battle so that we might acheive this victory through the atonement! This morning, I also studied in Juan 13:1-16 when Jesus washes the feet of the 12 apostles. What a beautiful account of our Savior. He shows that humility, love and service aren´t signs of weakness, nor are they losses of power. He shows that we must be like him and do that which we have seen him do. Growing weeks aren´t that bad :)
We had interviews this week. I love President Franco.
This week was interesting. Elder Conway was sick for a good 24 hours, we spend a day in Resistencia for my medical exams, so we lost a day doing that as well. We spent 3 mornings getting the food ready for the interviews of the Ibarreta, Corinda, Formosa II and Formosa I zones, and we are still working on closing down the other apartments that are unocupied by missionaries, so it has been a busy week.
Yesterday we organized some divisions to go visit our investigators and some inactive Elders of the church. I went out with Hermano Saul Roa, the president of the Elders quorum and Sandro, a member that came back to church yesterday for the first time in 4 years. Elder Conway went out with Gaston Urbina, our convert. On my side, we visited a new family we have been teaching this week, the Dasso family. They are just great. We started teaching them with the Flores family-- a family of teenage members and their mom who would LOVE to be baptized, but, because of the dad of the kids, who she lives with and doesnt want anything to do with the missionaries nor marriage, she can´t. That´s kind of frequent here. We are trying to reactivate Luis, the 17 year old of the Flores family while we teach their friends, the Dasso family with the support of the Flores family. Yesterday, when we passed by, between the two families, we were teaching more than a dozen people, including a new friend from the Flores family! There is NOTHING better than that! This is how the work of the Lord should be. Bringing people back to the fold. Helping people come unto Christ for the first time. And helping people repent, and come unto Christ through baptism.
This work is great. This is my last week before I start my last transfer in the mission! Boy has time flown.
-Elder Tyler Johnson
We ordered Lomo Pizza while we were on divisions with the assistants and while Elder Ortega was visiting Formosa before he went home for his knee problem... Well. The Lomo pizza got there SUPER late (two hours and 10 minutes... and they still charged us full price and an overly expensive delivery) they dont have the pizza hut 30 minute guarantee here), and, to be obedient, we needed to already be in bed sleeping by the time the pizza arrived!​ So, I slept in the hammock above one of the mattresses below me again, and we had to eat pizza in bed to follow the rules. Ohhhh the mission :)

                 Elder Conway and I heading to Resistencia for some med exams for me.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Into the double digits of days remaining...


In attempt of helping the zone so that everyone could feel more excitement for the work, more urgency in helping people come unto Christ, and have more success as they develop more and more diligence, we carried out divisions 3 times this week. It was SO exhausting, but the Lord´s hand was definitely so evident in the divisions that Elder Conway and I carried out-- especially in that of giving us strength to just GO AND DO. It was great to learn from the other missionaries, and to try to help the missionaries so that they might just have SUCCESS. We are in such a special place of the world at such a special time. The work is amazing. I love it.

We have been working with a couple less active families-- The Garcete fajmily who is mostly all active besides the dad and the older son of 18 years (Juan). Also, we started working with Pablo Galarza. He is just great. A recent convert of two years who is just wanting to change his life back to how it should be and used to be when he was baptized. Juan hasnt come to church for a while because he has a hearing impediment, and that has made him reluctant to arrive. They both attended church yesterday, and it was just great to see the progress that they are making. 

Alexia, Yesica Ubinas sister,  will be getting baptized this upcoming weekend. WOW. She has made some CHANGES in her life.  I think it is a little tough for her to be accepted amongst church members-- but she is doing great and has completely changed her life. Change is SO ACHIEVABLE through the atonement of Christ.

The sun is finally out! I washed some clothes last week and it took 4 days for them to dry because of the humidity. But now that the sun is out and its weather for sweaters, we will be having a great week.

Today we are having zone pday. Big balloons filled with water volleyball with towels, normal volleyball and ASADO! It will be a good day.

Oh, we are also in a trio now. Elder Walker, who was the assistant training two others in the office, came out here to be companions with us for the last two weeks of his mission! So our tiny pension just got SMALLER! But we will have a great time together.

Love you all!
-Elder Tyler Johnson

​A crazy start/ending division meeting... It was just CONVENIENT that we met up in Grido for a little bit of ice cream :) 

The Urbina family-- they made us hot chocolate. Alexia (the blonde girl). Will be baptized this upcoming Saturday!
Some CARNE for the zone asado today :)

                                           A little bit of Formosa la Hermosa
                                            some more of formosa la hermosa

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I hit the big 20 month mark yesterday...‏

Una semana fachera

The week started out a little hectic. In the beginning of the week we had 6 missionaries living in our tiny little apartment that is barely big enough for Elder Conway and I. There was a sister missionary that was ill that had to come down to formosa capital to go to urgent care. So between that all happening in the middle of the night as well as missionaries from our zone heading to Corrientes to do legalization paperwork at 5 in the morning, I felt that I was on the phone more than sleeping.
Elder Gregorio Vasco and I (we were on divisions) entered into Urgent Care to offer a blessing of health to the sister missionary. I have never seen anyone so happy to see missionaries. She just has a solid testimony of the priesthood.
The assistants came to carry out divisions with us as well. We werent able to carry them out just because we had to attend to the sister missionary and set up everything for the Multizone conference that we would be realizing the next day.
Thursday was amazing. Elder Conway and I decided to go a different route in the Multizone conference. Instead of Pizza and empanadas and an alfajor for a dessert, we bought shwarmas and ice cream :) Everyone was happy. I loved being instructed about being a fully dedicated missionary. I feel that I can never learn too much about those principles. One thing I realized while sitting in the conference was how much I LOVE the mission and this work. It might be crazy as a 21 year old kid, but I just LOVE doing this! I especially realized it while I watched the mission video of all the baptisms and just fun things. Those baptism pictures are just sacred moments for the missionaries and the converts that they will remember for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! There is nothing more beautiful than that! I hit 20 months yesterday... I dont feel ready or willing to go home in a little more than 3 months... This is such a wonderful work.

Sunday was great. There was a lot of rain and mud, so there werent many members that could arrive to church. The Urbina family didnt arrive as well. I had no clue why! I was honestly so sad in the beginning of the meeting. As the sacrament proceeded, I started praying and just asked that they could arrive, even if hey arrive late. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, they did. I love that family, and I just know that Heavenly Father honors our sincere requests.

Oh! So two Fridays ago I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish. I read it just focusing on humility. I feel that I lack so much, but I was able to learn a great deal. That book is so true, and I just feel God´s love so plainly through the teachings in it.

Alexia Morel, the sister of Yesica, is progressing amazingly towards baptism. She stopped going to night clubs, drinking and smoking all by herself. We are so proud of her.

I love this work!
-Elder Tyler Johnson

All of the Elders from the Ibarreta zona buzzed their heads right after their mothers day skype after seeing my hair... Oops.

The Garcete Family-- we are working on reactivating the father and son. The mom made us Pasta Frola and Hot Chocolate after the noche de hogar :)​


                                   Elder Conway and I chowing down on Shwarma

25 de mayo locro ward party
                                     We found out that frying is actually not hard!

                                   The king kong burger-- a famous formosa classic

Monday, May 18, 2015

Milagros-- suficiente dicho :)‏

This week has truly been incredible. I honestly dont know how it could have been better! We had lessons almost every night with the Urbina family to prepare them and help them stay strong for their baptism this last Saturday. They were to be baptized the 9th, but they asked for one more week so that they could be sure about the fact that they had fully overcome cigarrettes. They were stellar the whole week. It was amazing to see the progress in their lives.

Tuesday we taught Tamara Ramos—her husband wasnt too interested, so we will be seeing how that all Works out. But about ten years ago, she was about to be baptized. The missionaries were changed, and the missionaries that replaced them didnt comply with that which she thought a missionary should do or how he should act. So she distanced herself from the church. She stopped the other Elders on the street and asked them that missionaries passed by again. We are hoping to see progress in that family.

Miercoles we headed out to Laishi and San Antonio for to help the group out there and to look for investigators. We havent seen too much success in the growth of the church out there yet—but we sure have seen, Little by Little, the faith of the members build and their personal testimonies increase. We will be praying to know what is it that the Lord wants us to do about the colony. I love working with the members and the investigators out there. The culture is so incredibly different from that which we practice, but they have a pure faith in God and a love for everyone that is just undeniable.

Thursday we carried out divisions so that Elder Rhys Anakin Enright could carry out the baptismal interview with the Urbina family. Geez, they are so great. Elder Tracy and I headed out to his area and fought with the mud. Elder Tracy has just the purest intentions and I see so much potential in him as a missionary and servant of the Lord. I love new missionaries—sometimes I forget that I have been out here so long. We focused on diligence and the importance of using time diligently, putting all the effort you can in the work and especially enjoying your time on the misión.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday it rained. Friday night we had one last lesson in the church with Gaston only because his wife had to stay home with the children because of the rain. It was short and sweet—basically to excite him a Little more and to hand him the new baptismal clothing. He was just so enthused. I dont ALWAYS feel that I am doing EXACTLY what the Lord is wanting me to do—usually I am praying and just trustig that the soft promptings of the Spirit will guide us; there are very few times in my life in which I have felt that I was EXACTLY where I was needed to be. But in that moment, with my companion and Gaston, for whom we have prayed day and night constantly, I felt close to heaven, and I KNEW that the Lord was pleased with the changes happening in the life of Gaston. This is such a great work.

Saturday rolled around and we spent all day getting things ready for the baptism service. It was to start at 8:30 pm because of the work Schedule of Gaston. After a Little bit of stress caused by not being able to open the baptismal Font, not being able to turn on the wáter heater, and a few other things, just as we hoped it wouldnt, it started raining. Now the cultura here, which is totally understandable with all of the muddy roads and use of motorcycles, is that when rain starts, events are cancelled, stores are closed, and the world shuts down. We didnt want all of the members and investigators to think that the service had been cancelled, especially after the countless hours we had dedicated by inviting literally EVERYONE we knew to the service, including people we DIDNT know that we had in the contacts of our cell phone. After a short prayer, we headed to the service after grabbing some last things from the pension.

When we arrived, the people didnt stop entering the church! It was amazing!!!! Gaston had invited ALL of his family, and after the service, we were able to give out all the Books of Mormon and folletos that we had brought to his family members. There were about 15 new investigators there, the investigators of the sister missionaries, and they had all felt the Spirit so strongly! It was just amazing. The members were so excited—they had all brought cakes and drinks to share, and the family felt so welcomed into the Ward. Despite the rain, and all the trials that had passed to the Urbina family throughout the week, by the hand of the Lord, the family was able to have a wonderful service. I think the best baptismal service I have been to in my life!
As Elder Conway and I walked home in the rain together, full of joy, we conversed and asked ourselves, `how on the world did we do that?!´. Well, we didnt. We didnt convert the Urbina family-- The Spirit did. We didnt find them-- We were guided. We didnt make all of those investigators show up to the service—it was by the testimonies gained by the Urbina family. We didnt prepare the family—the Lord did. I remember back in the last transfer when Elder Conway and I started praying to find a family of 5 to teach that would be prepared. We received that for which we asked. A father and mother that were previously married. Two Little children. And Yesica`s sister Alexia who is preparing to be baptized on the 6th of June. This is the work of MIRACLES.

The temple dedication of Cordoba was amazing. Our Bishop tried to le tus in without showing our temple recommendations, but I si o si whipped it out to show it to him. I wanted tos ay that I used my temple recommend at least ONCE in the misión! I just thought of the sacrifices of thousands of missionaries, local church leaders, general authorities, and humble Argentines that were put into play over the last many decades so that this holy edifice could be constructed. I love temples.
I love this work!

-Elder Tyler Johnson
​The baptism of Gaston Urbina, Yesica Pelozo and Emiliano Urbina. Just a wonderful family.​

For Michael!‏

                                                       love you bro :) Happy birthday


Thanks for all the letters and ties mom and family!
                                   The terminal crew hanging out on the costanera


                                                          Cake bosses
                                             Baptismal font cleaner champs
            Starting off comp study with the Pday spirit (In english, and christmas music)

Treating ourselves muyyyy bien :)

We went to the nicest restaurant in Formosa today and ate Crocadile stuffed with Mushrooms. We realized that we had never gone to a NICE restaurant in our whole missions. So we picked the nicest place. So worth it :)

some of the pension for you momma.


Monday, May 11, 2015


What a great week.
I feel like I told you all everything yesterday in the Skype call. THE LAST SKYPE CALL. I cant believe it! It makes me sad to think that my mission only will last a few more short months-- September is going to roll around so quickly. I honestly think that, if the opportunity were to be extended to me, I would accept another year in the mission in a heartbeat. I love it here. I love the changes that are made in the lives of the people.
We received permission to play a card/board game called muchkins. So last pday we just played that. It was exciting, and a relaxing change to normal pdays.

We are still working with the Urbina family. We always have our lessons at 9 at night because of Gaston`s work hours, so we always end up having to have short, brief lessons and having to run from one end of our area to the other to arrive to the apartment so that we may enter the pension before the last bell at 10pm. So we always forget to take pictures with them. They are just a golden family. Despite all of the rain, mud, and more mud that just happens to occur Saturday nights, they haven`t missed a day of church in the last month, even though we have been having stake conferenes every other week. Even with the stake building located far away from their home, they faithfully arrive.

Gaston Urbina is doing incredibly with overcoming his cigs addiction. Just as Juan Portillo did, he has been able to overcome his problem with the Book of Mormon. Just a pure and true book! He would frequently take smoking breaks at work before, but he replaced this habit with reading the Book of Mormon. It just amazing the changes that can happen to people in such a short amount of time through the atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I know that people from both sides of such a thin veil work in this labor. Miracles still occur on a regular basis. Gaston and his family will be baptized this Saturday. We are just so enthused for their progress.

I loved consejo de lideres on Thursday. I really loved that of edifying and establishing the church here in Formosa. Stake conference was incredible as well. In the adult session, the focus was missionary work. We all just felt too content as Elder Sergio L. Krasnoselsky from the 70 spoke about the importance of the members working shoulder to shoulder with us and ensuring that we are teaching-- NOT finding. I love the members here. Almost all of them are converts to the church, so they have blazing testimonies that THIS is what everyone needs, and that which we need to share with others.

Love you all!

-Elder Tyler Johnson
​                   President Franco and I just showed up with the same hair cut to leadership counsel

                             Elder Conway and I going out to find some gas to cook.​


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


That we keep the Scadlock family in our prayers. We all miss her dearly and looked up to her purity, her dedication to the work and the spirit she carried with her constantly.

Last week Elder White and I experienced a miracle. We were riding our bikes in the pouring rain towards the colony. When it rains up here in Laguna Naineck, it just RAINS. So we´ve got our rain boots on, and trying to find the least muddy paths to arrive to our appointments that we had in the colony. We make it about fifteen minutes away from the town and Elder White´s tire flattens completely. Being distanced from the town already, we hadnt an option of returning-- we would miss all of our appointments. We remembered a bicicle shop that we had passed by the other day and we trudged through the mud to arrive. In plain siesta, we honestly thought that we werent going to have much luck. When we arrived, without asking, the Hermano Leandro Sanabria received us and we met his family. Elder White didnt have a single tiny hole in it. We´re sure that there were little angels letting out the air on his bike.

 We found out that he was a member (we have yet to find his registers). He has been introducing us to his friends, his family members, and basically his whole neighborhood. He came to the baptism service that we had at the church for Sixto Gomez and Juan Portillo, attended church with his buddies Victor and Javier as well as his two daughters, and we are having a great time with them. HE IS MARRIED AS WELL. Miracles. I am so grateful for that.

Hermano Sanabria is THE BEST. He found out I could sing and loves retro. Elder White totally set me up... but I ended up doing an Elvis performance for them. I was so upset with Elder White.

Sixto Gomez and Juan Portillo were baptized this week. We finally had the pool that we borrowed from Laguna Blanca. The best baptism service I have ever been to. It is so great to see grown men, Sixto with 59 years and Juan with 37 make giant changes in their lives. Sixto was thanks to the help of so many members. Juan was a Book of Mormon miracle. He wouldnt have ever been able to leave behind tabaco and the drinking without it. I love him.

-Elder Tyler Johnson

                                        Pics: No keys, push to start

                                                 Baptism. We go HARD.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

La Obra Hermosìsima.

Que semana hermosa.

We have so many families that are progressing so wonderfully in the gospel. One of which is MARRIEDDDDDD!!!!! HoLLAAAA. I think that is couple number 5 that I have met in Argentina (that arent members of the church) that are married. They are so excited for baptism :)

Tuesday night, we had already had a pretty tough day. Because of the highway blockage by the natives in the colony and the need to detour the route of cars, trucks and motorcycles in the colony, combined with the 2 weeks of no rain, there is so much dust. It reminds me of hiking through the village in Havasupi. Dust dust dust. That has made it a little hard on the health, but we`ll be okay. Anyways, we passed by one of our investigators who couldnt come to church  He feels that it is impossible to overcome his addictions-- he has tried and tried again. But I know, without doubt, that he CAN overcome these hardships and bring peace to his family.


I studied the atonement every single day this week. I have been able to develop a firm testimony that Jesus Christ promises to forgive our sins when we have faith, repent, are baptized by the authority of God, keep these covenants, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and just keep going till the end. But this week, I was really able to further learn that ALL that we carry in this life, our sadnesses, the burdens, the unfair things, etc are all corrected and made whole through the atonement. I loved Isaiah 53 so much. I read it Tuesday with Elder Mendoza, and the Spirit overcame me.

I am so grateful for the Priesthood. Through prayer, and this power, miracles happen. I have no doubt.

We had another lunch with the Gimenez Martinez family (we are just praying that they will soften their hearts to be married). They always have exciting lunches for us-- boiled pig skin with beans (still a little piggy hairs in their), pirana (de veinte), and this round boiled cow face and udder. They are so humble and loving, and are so willing to follow Christ. They live in Laguna Naineck-- far away from the church. It always seems that their motorcycles dont work on the weekends :( But we are working that they may go to church with more consistancy and soon arrive to the waters of baptism.

I miss Elder Mendoza. We shared some really great and tough times. SO many sacred experiences. I am so excited to be with Elder Christian White. He is incredible and just a powerful servant of the Lord. We havent even taught a lesson today yet-- I could just tell as we helped Elder Exstrom and Elder Denison move their pension this morning. This will be a good transfer :)

Elder Whites`s camera is broken and mine is in Resistencia being repared. So we took a picture with the cell phone

Grandpa-- youre a stud.

Élder Johnson


Monday, February 2, 2015


Jeeeeeegggaaaaaa yakayá! (a little bit of toba for ya)
Another amazing week that just flew by.
I just loved all of the miracles that we were able to see thoughout the week-- pimarily the baptism of Lucyia Sosa. I want to share a little bit of her conversions story.

On our birthday of Elder mendoza and Iwe pased by the asijak and diaz family to ask for references. We shared a powerful spiritual expericne in which the spirit wa felt strongly and we invited tthem to offer a prayer to know who of all their friends was prepared to receive the gospel There we head of Lucia.

The path of Luia was long a tough. It has rained so much these last weeks. She lives so far from the church that it is almost impossible to walk. And when it rains, oh the mud is horrrible. So that has been a huge obstacle, having that the mud and raidn seems to always pay us a visit Sunday mornings.
Lucia is such a spiritual person. She is just so happy and sees the importance of the Gospel in her life. I have come to love her and her family so much and just am so gateful that we have been alble to work with her so much.
The afternon of her baptism we had an AMAING service prepared in the pond that changes lives of the fmaily diaz. Around 9 investigators, a handfull of reent converts and some less active memebers that hadnt shown up to church for a long time hadhown up. Everyone, about 45 people.... everone besides Lucia. I felt that I needed to call her,k and bascally Satan had thrown a big bick in her path. I felt completely guided by the Spirit as I was able to speak with her and try toconsole her. The baptism and confirmation the following sunday all turned out incredibly, thanks the power of God that has been placed ewly here on te earth.

Hermano COyipe who had retired himself from the church ab out a month ago (the same Hermano who had lost his twin babies) finally came back! We went to his house and gave service. I love service in te colony. Machetes andfire. What more could I want? The SPirit touched him and he came to the baptism service and cuch on Sunday. Miracles.
We had some really sacred experiences that I want to share with the family I wll be writinga litle home in snail mail momma. Maybe itll get there in a few months.... Haha. Love you all.

I love this work!

Elder Johnson

bautismo de Lucia Sosa.

the little pond that changes lives with Urcino Diaz and Lucia Sosa
A little bit of what I love. I love Argentina!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Internet:1 Misioneros:0‏

Another week with excitement with the internet-- We tried all day yeterday and finaly could enter half n hour before having to enter the pension for the night. Here we are in the 7th place we have tried to write home, and the internet isfinally working. So we are finishing our time this morning.
Just the best week on earth again. The riain finally stopped during the wek ad the road dried up to be abloe to ge around in bici.
This week we had interviews with President Franco. I learned so mjuch and was just so edified. I received so much helpwith goal stting, and I am so grateful for that. Goals have always been a struggle for me-- so I feel that, in the spirit of prayer and following the HOly Ghost, I will be guided so that I may acheive my potental that my Heavenly Father has prepared for me..
We spoke on the radio twice this week. Once in the colony, and thinking that we were already radio stars, we went to the local radio here in Naineck and they gave us a time. They want us to come back every week to speakand preach on the radio! We will see how everything turns out. I am so grateful that the Lord is providing so many marvelous ways for us to reach out to so many people here. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that he has his han in every phase of it.
THe bikes are working incredibly. We have had to weld, re weld and reweld so many parts of my bike... they dont really make bikes for people like me here. But everything is orking out great :)
I love this work. I kow that the church is true, and the Book of Mormon keeps changing my life. The atonement is real! I just know it.

Alittlebit of divisions to go save the world.

                              Talking on the colony radio-- a littlleeee hot in there.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Primavera en mi en mi alma hay!‏

So this is going to be a shorty...

Raining non stop since Last wednesday. Its hard to sleep with our tin roof and so much rain...

I redcorded my voice and my testimony when I finished the book of Mormon neew years eve. That book is amazing and I a so grateful for it. I shar it with EVERYONE. The office kind of gets wound up for always having too send us more books for, but they can live with it :) I know the book is true, and that THIS IS THE TRUE AND LIVING CHURCH HERE ON THIS EARTH!
The letters showup seconds after I type...
Church attendance was sooooo low. Only 17 people. The peole that showed up came walking barefoot in the mud. Moto nor bikes were an option because of the mud. I was asked to give a talk... after the reunion already started. I found my notes on the talk of april 2014 of Pte Uchtdorf-- gratitud. Wow. I felt so humbled. I spoke on the subject, and myheart was full.
Love you all! Love this work! 
Elder Johnson

our investigator (the gimenez family,) likes having dead animal things in the house.
 I love that family!

more asado :)

Monday, January 12, 2015


Okay momma! So to answer your questions!

Most people in the city I live in are banana farmers. Bananeros is the Spanish word.
 So the direct translation? BANANERS! Hahhahahahah I cracked up when I heard that.

Pray for Hector Alcura. He is a less active member we are trying to help come back. Oh
boy he is amazing. Littlleeee by little we are helping him come back.

The sisters have a clothes mender???? woooooooo cushyyy. Make em work a little harder
 momma ;) But FEED THEM WELL! I need the good karma :) You can tell that I mend
all of my clothes....


I want to share the conversion story of David and Leticia Recalde who were both baptized
this last friday in the little pond behind the house of the Diaz family-- el laguito que cambia
vidas. One day in divisions with Urcino Diaz, our group leader, we ran into a joven and the
Spirit just told me HEY!!! YOU NEED TO TALK TO HIM! This was Mirco, who a month
later received the Aaronic priesthood. He plays the role of father in the family.

His mother finally attended church when he was ordained. We invited her to come under our
priesthood mango tree to be present. It reminded me when momma came to all of my advanccings
in the priesthood as well. This whole time we were teaching David and Leticia, the younger
siblings of Mirco. After about 3 lessons, we asked if they even believe in God. No interest was
shown. They both answered no because of the loss of their little brother, their grandfather and
the abandonment of their dad. So we slowed down the lessons-- REALLY slow. But it was
amazing to see them little by little attend church and just come to love the gospel.

I love this family. David was interviewed to receive the priesthood this last Sunday. He has
changed so much. He just gave me a big hug after his baptism. Totally destroyed my shirt, but
worth every penny. Leticia just rocks. You can see the light of Christ just shining out of her.
They both have firm testimonies of the gospel now.

bautiiissmmoooooooooo of Leticia and David :)
                                                                                                                                 A little ASADO
Argentina-- la mas hermosa!​