Monday, July 20, 2015

Week for Growing

This was a week for growing. Sometimes those are the hardest, but the best and most memorable weeks in the mission though. I have always felt a little bad when I have felt the lacking feeling, or the need to improve so much. But this morning I was studying in PME chapter 6 a little bit about WHY we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I loved 3 Nefi 12:48. He asks us that we be PERFECT. Its a pretty big order, but it comes so lovingly, and Christ has fought our battle so that we might acheive this victory through the atonement! This morning, I also studied in Juan 13:1-16 when Jesus washes the feet of the 12 apostles. What a beautiful account of our Savior. He shows that humility, love and service aren´t signs of weakness, nor are they losses of power. He shows that we must be like him and do that which we have seen him do. Growing weeks aren´t that bad :)
We had interviews this week. I love President Franco.
This week was interesting. Elder Conway was sick for a good 24 hours, we spend a day in Resistencia for my medical exams, so we lost a day doing that as well. We spent 3 mornings getting the food ready for the interviews of the Ibarreta, Corinda, Formosa II and Formosa I zones, and we are still working on closing down the other apartments that are unocupied by missionaries, so it has been a busy week.
Yesterday we organized some divisions to go visit our investigators and some inactive Elders of the church. I went out with Hermano Saul Roa, the president of the Elders quorum and Sandro, a member that came back to church yesterday for the first time in 4 years. Elder Conway went out with Gaston Urbina, our convert. On my side, we visited a new family we have been teaching this week, the Dasso family. They are just great. We started teaching them with the Flores family-- a family of teenage members and their mom who would LOVE to be baptized, but, because of the dad of the kids, who she lives with and doesnt want anything to do with the missionaries nor marriage, she can´t. That´s kind of frequent here. We are trying to reactivate Luis, the 17 year old of the Flores family while we teach their friends, the Dasso family with the support of the Flores family. Yesterday, when we passed by, between the two families, we were teaching more than a dozen people, including a new friend from the Flores family! There is NOTHING better than that! This is how the work of the Lord should be. Bringing people back to the fold. Helping people come unto Christ for the first time. And helping people repent, and come unto Christ through baptism.
This work is great. This is my last week before I start my last transfer in the mission! Boy has time flown.
-Elder Tyler Johnson
We ordered Lomo Pizza while we were on divisions with the assistants and while Elder Ortega was visiting Formosa before he went home for his knee problem... Well. The Lomo pizza got there SUPER late (two hours and 10 minutes... and they still charged us full price and an overly expensive delivery) they dont have the pizza hut 30 minute guarantee here), and, to be obedient, we needed to already be in bed sleeping by the time the pizza arrived!​ So, I slept in the hammock above one of the mattresses below me again, and we had to eat pizza in bed to follow the rules. Ohhhh the mission :)

                 Elder Conway and I heading to Resistencia for some med exams for me.


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