Monday, June 1, 2015

Into the double digits of days remaining...


In attempt of helping the zone so that everyone could feel more excitement for the work, more urgency in helping people come unto Christ, and have more success as they develop more and more diligence, we carried out divisions 3 times this week. It was SO exhausting, but the Lord´s hand was definitely so evident in the divisions that Elder Conway and I carried out-- especially in that of giving us strength to just GO AND DO. It was great to learn from the other missionaries, and to try to help the missionaries so that they might just have SUCCESS. We are in such a special place of the world at such a special time. The work is amazing. I love it.

We have been working with a couple less active families-- The Garcete fajmily who is mostly all active besides the dad and the older son of 18 years (Juan). Also, we started working with Pablo Galarza. He is just great. A recent convert of two years who is just wanting to change his life back to how it should be and used to be when he was baptized. Juan hasnt come to church for a while because he has a hearing impediment, and that has made him reluctant to arrive. They both attended church yesterday, and it was just great to see the progress that they are making. 

Alexia, Yesica Ubinas sister,  will be getting baptized this upcoming weekend. WOW. She has made some CHANGES in her life.  I think it is a little tough for her to be accepted amongst church members-- but she is doing great and has completely changed her life. Change is SO ACHIEVABLE through the atonement of Christ.

The sun is finally out! I washed some clothes last week and it took 4 days for them to dry because of the humidity. But now that the sun is out and its weather for sweaters, we will be having a great week.

Today we are having zone pday. Big balloons filled with water volleyball with towels, normal volleyball and ASADO! It will be a good day.

Oh, we are also in a trio now. Elder Walker, who was the assistant training two others in the office, came out here to be companions with us for the last two weeks of his mission! So our tiny pension just got SMALLER! But we will have a great time together.

Love you all!
-Elder Tyler Johnson

​A crazy start/ending division meeting... It was just CONVENIENT that we met up in Grido for a little bit of ice cream :) 

The Urbina family-- they made us hot chocolate. Alexia (the blonde girl). Will be baptized this upcoming Saturday!
Some CARNE for the zone asado today :)

                                           A little bit of Formosa la Hermosa
                                            some more of formosa la hermosa

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