Monday, November 11, 2013

Dios Nos Ama‏ Week 7

Argentina Resistencia is the best mission on Earth! Sorry if you served or are serving
somewhere else. Your mission can be second best. But really. I love my mission.
An inactive family told me that I´m in the Texas of Argentina. So everyone talks really different
and it´s kind of really hard to understand. However. I´m working hard and I work my tail off every day.
Sorry this email is shorter than usual. But they always say a picture is worth a thousand words,
 right? So I´m sending lots of pictures and it will sum up to quite an essay.

This week has been fantastic! I´ve been loving the missionary work. I forgot the questions at the apartment, but next time I will make sure to remember them.

Oh! And I get to wear a sombrero! Cool huh?

Elder Santana is incredible! He´s district leader and such a hard worker. We have been talking
to literally everyone. People are a little less receptive of us when we are soaking wet and
covered in mud. Nevertheless, we try as hard as we possibly can and we do some amazing work.
We´ve been putting all of our efforts into this work and it has been the greatest week of my life!
We can´t really communicate all that well, since he only speaks Spanish, and I try to speak Spanish,
BUT, we get work done!

Yesterday at church was difficult. Castellanos definitely isn´t the Spanish that I learned at the MTC. However, I am understanding more and more every day.
Our apartment is a mansion compared to the area! We have AC in one room, a fan, desks,
a fridge, a stove, windows and a DOOR! Usually you just clap at the gate because people
 don´t have doors here. It´s so humbling, and I´m really realizing what matters in life.
The people are so humble, and I just want them all to have the blessings of the gospel!
We´ve gotten yelled at by a few drunk people, and we even made best friends with our
good friend Fransisco. I slipped a picture of Jesus Christ in his pocket while he was hugging
me and trying to kiss me. We´re going to visit him on Wednesday, and I´m praying that he
sobers up a little bit.

I love feeling the spirit so strongly every day! It´s just amazing.

So I am in Mercedes, Argentina. Country town. But God knows what he is doing! You know why?
You clap instead of knock doors (oh yeah, everyone can hear me) and there are like, 30 scooters to
every car. It´s incredible! And there´s dirt roads everywhere. The last couple days have been super
rainy, but it´s pretty fun to play in the mud!

We have a loving Heavenly Father! How great a knowledge this is that we are his sons and
daughters! I know that the gospel has been restored to this Earth and that our Savior, Jesus Christ died for our sins!
Love you ALL!!!


Elder (Goliath) Johnson.
(All the members ask what my mother fed me, if Elder Santana is David, etc. etc.)

 Pictures: View from our apartment window, and Elder Santana made me lunch!

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