Monday, November 25, 2013

¡Invitar A Las Personas a Venir a Cristo!‏ Week 9

¡Hola Hola!

This week has been amazing. We had a multizone conference in Resistencia which
was fanstastic. The best part? FOOD. The president and his wife are incredible as well.

It´s so so so hot and humid in Argentina! And we´re not even in the middle of summer
yet! I´m pretty sure that all of my shirts will be yellow here in a couple months, but
that´s alright. It´ll just be a reflexion of the sunshine in my soul!

This week I loved 1 Ne. 17:51. I´ve been replacing ´´build a ship´´ with everything:
Invite Argentines to come unto Christ, speak in Castellano, Walk across Mercedes,
Smile even though I don´t know what in the world is going on, etc. It´s been my
motivator scripture for this week.

Oh mom, so only boxes go through customs. So you can send envelopes if that´s
cheaper, and it won´t count as one of my four packages! But nothing with the word
Argentina in it is cheap, so four is totallyyyyy fine!

We have an investigator that didn´t want anything to do with baptism, then the
member present bore her testimony, and she wants to be baptized this saturday!
She´s saasssyyyy and a quick thinker. But we´re so excited! She needs to go to
church more before she can be baptized. So we´re shooting for the 7th!

The members are having a nativity play! I´m a wise man. There´s not enough
active members to make a whole cast, so we rounded up some awesome inactives
and Elder Santana and I are wise men!

I love you all! Sorry this email is short. I hope all the pictures went through! I had quite
the battle with this computer.

Élder Johnson
 the branch is having a Christmas play! They always have the missionaries in it, because there aren't enough people to play all of the roles. I´m always a wise man! Haha
Elder Santana and I chilling with our friends, 

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