Friday, April 11, 2014




I just loved the general conference. Every time that we watch the conferences,
my testimony is confirmed and strengthened that we have a living prophet with
the authority to guide the church and the world. He receives revelation from our
loving Heavenly Father. The organization of the church is absolutely perfect-- the
same exact church that Christ established when he was on the earth.

I enjoyed most I believe the talk about gratitude. I realized I have so much work to do
when it comes to this attribute. Instead of working on "estando" grateful, I can work
on "siendo" grateful. I have never thought of the difference. But now, my thoughts and
goals have been so focused on becoming a grateful person rather than just being
temporarily grateful.

We were urged to share that which we are studying from Preach my Gospel (I forgot it
was called that in english) with our families during the conference. Right now, I am focusing
on studying teaching the true and pure doctrine. The spirit can´t testify if I am teaching Elder
Johnson doctrine or doctrine that I have heard from companions. So I am studying quite a lot
on knowing the commandments of God and the specific blessings that come with these 
commandments. I know that as I teach the doctrine of Christ more purely, the spirit will
be able to testify to that which I am teaching.

Not all that much has happened this week. One of the best things that happened was teaching
Synthia, Andrea´s niece. We are trying to work with the whole family to take the same steps
Andrea has taken in her life. Synthia has always been a little wishy washy about the whole
baptism subject. As Elder Fiabane and I were teaching from the scriptures, and relating them
to her life, we could see the change in Synthia as the spirit testified to her. I know that the spirit
works in the hearts of the people. Her countanance changed, and she is excited to progress
further in this gospel.

I love serving here in the office and with Elder Fiabane. It is always more enjoyable to serve
when your companion is one of your best friends!

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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