Friday, April 25, 2014

What a great and crazy week.
After coming to church on Sunday, Agustin (Andrea´s son) invited us
over to teach. This was interesting, because usually he hardly has the
attention span to sit through a whole lesson. We accepted, and he was
patiently awaiting at the house. He started to tell us that he felt calm and
tranquilo while he was in the church. From there, he opened the Book of
Mormon and began to read to us (this is a 13 year old boy mind you) from
Alma. I have no clue where it was, but it started talking about how the people
will confuse good things from wrong things, or something along those lines.
He then began to bear us testimony that he know that this church is that of
Christ because he knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. How
incredible is that. "Yo lo sé, y me voy a bautizar el 3 de mayo." Being in moments
like this just strengthens my testimony of  the divinity of this gospel. That, thanks
to our Savior Jesus Christ, people can change. That we are all out here to help each
other help others.

I was assigned as district leader this week at transfers. So we will see if I can
figure this out... We left Barrio II, the Matto family (Andrea), and all of our great
 friends out there. It was a really hard leave. We are in Rio Negro right now, where
there aren´t street directions or anything. So that will be a nice change from pure
middle of the city. Elder Fiabane and I are still together! So I´m way excited for that.
I´m praying that the sisters that were put in our area in Barrio II will treat our
investigators greatly. Agustin´s closing prayer, when we said goodbye Tuesday night
was exactly that. We are definitely going to their baptism.

I´m reading the Book of Mormon, focusing on attributes of Jesus Christ. It´s incredible
how every single page of that book testifies of our Savior. I know, without a doubt, that
it was written by inspiration from God. I know that, because I have received my own
inspiration from it, of course coming from the Holy Ghost. Through that book, my life
has changed. I have seen miracles, and tender promptings from the Holy Ghost come
from those writings in the moments where I have most desparately needed it most.

I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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