Friday, July 4, 2014

Presidente Franco week 1!‏

What an interesting and exciting week.

We sent one mission president home, received another one, and have just hit the ground running again.

It was a little hard saying goodbye to the Heyman family. Both Presidente and Hermana Heyman have helped me with so many questions, trials, and obstacles that I have seen here throughout my mission. I know one of the reasons that the Lord wanted me in the office at this specific time was to be able to learn from the two of them and work so closely with them. Shipping off Elder Heyman was more fun than anything. When Presidente released him as a missionary, it was the best thing ever to be able to call him Brother Heyman or Taylor. We came to become great friends as well.

The last thing that President shared with us in the airport was to follow the spirit and be sealed in the temple with a great woman that will help us keep gospel standards. Well the first one will take time, and practice. The second will take pure luck with this chubby face haha.

I am excited to be working with the Francos. Presidente Franco is such a spiritual, humble person. Speaking with him makes me just want to be more like my Savior. I cant even imagine the spiritual sensitivity necessary to be a 70 of the church. I have learned so much in these last few days. In my personal interview, the spirit touched me. I am truly doing the work that which the Lord wants me to do. I just know that this is the work of the Lord. He is the head of this church, and I know that he is pleased with the work that I am doing.

Ariel had to stay at work (like 4 hours away) an extra day last week, so he couldnt take out the turns for the marriage. So we are going to be calling them after the siesta to see how they are doing. They are seeing so much opposition right now, but they are just so happy and making incredible changes in their lives. Hopefully we will be seeing a baptism and a marriage this upcoming week!! A few prayers for Ariel, Isabel and the family would be great!!

Well, I´m just up on time. I know that Christ is my Savior. He died for each and every one of us. HIS CHURCH IS RESTORED HERE ON THE EARTH TODAY! It´s his perfect church, directed by imperfect men. It´s important to keep that in mind-- the missionaries arent perfect either :)

Elder Johnson

 President Franco arriving

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