Friday, July 25, 2014

10 months baby!

This week was a lot better than the last. Not in the sense that all of the hard things disappeared, but I think a few more focused prayers and more hard work makes really all the difference.

As of now, Ariel and Isabel dont look like they will be getting married and baptized. Man what a heart breaker. A great amount of doubts have formed in Isabel for a few things that have happened, and these doubts grew into some pretty sturdy brick walls. She doesnt want to be baptized, doesnt want to go to church, and doesnt want to be the member of any church. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true, she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but just cant get over the flaws of men. Sharing with her my testimony has strengthened my own. Boy what gladness and changes the Book of Mormon has brought to my life. I know, without a doubt that it is the word of God. God has truly talked with me through that book. He´s shown me time and time again what is it that he wants me to do and the person which he wants me to be. After reluctantly praying, she invited us back for tomorrow, so we are praying for miracles. 

We put it all in on the Lord, as its said. We decided to fast as a companionship for the family of Ariel and Isabel, so that we can find new and prepared people to teach and to show our gratitude. We had a great phone call with Ariel that night, and in the 3 hours we were in our area, we found 5 new investigators who accepted the invitation to be baptized. So, back where I´m from, we call that a miracle! I know that God takes care of his goofy little companionship of Elder Fiabane and Elder Johnson.

Oh! So since the other Elders got transfered to barrio 2, I got to go on divisions to see Andrea, our convert. She is doing amazing! We taught about the family, and used the pamphlets. Agustin and Gabriel (the kids) took the pamphlets after seeing mine and had almost their whole family trees filled out before the end of the lesson. It was AMAZING to be able to open to my 4 generation tree and to be able to say that all the work has been carried out in the temple so that one day, we will be an eternal family. What a blessing it is to be in this church and have this knowledge!

Love you all! Stay awesome :)

Elder Johnson

More service for the Canciano family.
Andrea, the family, and our family trees! (Her sister Carolina is going to getting married and baptized!)
The hammock nail thingies broke while I was making calls and Elder Fiabane was swinging me dangerously...

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