Tuesday, October 14, 2014



So I had to reprogram basically the whole computer to get it started up. We have looked every night since we arrived here in Laguna Naineck for a cyber. Today we finally found the little elementary school and found out they have computers. Im not sure if I would consider them computers, but they have lights and a keyboard. So I guess they work...

I love it here. We have been so incredibly blessed. The night before I left the office, I was kneeling down and praying real hard and just asked that everything would turn out okay in my new area. I really do feel insufficient at times when I teach and minister in the mission field-- I have been in a chair counting money and playing with budgets for the last 9 months. 

We didnt start out too well. Our bus picked us up an hour late, and when we were leaving Resistencia, it broke down. A couple hours later, a smaller bus came, picked us up and took us to Clorinda. I sat with Elder Carrera and we just talked about that which we had learned as office Elders. I have been so blessed to serve in the office and to help all the missionaries here in the mission with their money. Maybe they all werent all that happy with me, but I sure have learned a lot.

We slept 6 missionaries in the tiny pension of Elder Israelsen in Clorinda. Toasty. We got up early and headed to Laguna Blanca with plans to sleep there and be traveling back and forth for a couple weeks. We called our Dueña and she let us move into our pension in Laguna Naineck that the Elders had found for us that night. She lent us mattresses, a fan, and a table. She showed us where everything is, and has just been a huge help. What a blessing. 

The next day we ran into a member that was just put into tears that we were in the city. She moved from Buenos Aires with intentions to build up the church here in Laguna Nainek, but a few things happened and she ended up going a little astray. She was so happy she even brought us cookies!! Woo hoo!!!! We have been working with her and her precious little family. They made the long haul hour walk to church in the colony.

The furniture store people have also been a huge blessing. They always let us know where they need to go and give us rides when needed. Such amazing people. We gave the family a Book of Mormon, and they were just so graeful. Im so glad that we have the opportunity to make a first impression with the people. Last night we were asking the Hermana about where we should go buy food. After explaining the whole town to us, she brought us a full dinnner. I was just too happy, and so grateful for a nice little dinner (we have been having problems finding lots of food to buy here and coordinating it with our schedule-- rice with eggs has been getting pretty old honestly). This is such a special people, and I feel incredibly blessed to be here.

The little group of members is doing great. We started off great working with these special priesthood holders and doing divisions. We had a church attendance of 33 this week. The investigators were amazing, and 11 came, many bringing friends and family. I feel so excited to work with these people. Half of the sacrament meeting, as well as our lessons are in Toba, but it is okay. I feel like I am in Havasupai again. I love these special aborigine people-- they have such great faith and love for the Lord.

Lets go for best week ever #2!!!

Elder Johnson

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