Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A short one. Sorry about that. Im writing today because the man that works in theschoolthat lets us usehis computers had tokick us out and leaveyesterday. And my space bar doesnt really work...

What an amazing week. Sunday Elder Mendozaand I were walking and working so hard.Then we turnedtoeachother and saidthat we bothwantedto workhard, butthatour legs just werent cooperating.I love that somuch. Working until Ive really given itall. Itsan amazing feeling to know that our efforts goto help the salvation of children of God.

I hada unique experiencein the church today. The reunions follow being mostly in the dialect toba, which hasnothing to dowith Castellano... At first I was a little discouraged. But then Irealizedthat Iwasfeelingthe spirit sostrongly. I know thatthis is the true church and the onlychurch of our SaviorJesus Christ here on earth. I feelthe same in our tiny little church without lights, without a piano and singing thesame 3 hymnsthat the membersremember than I do at home in Phoenix, Idaho, Mercedes, Resistencia, and every singleother chapel I havebeen to.I feel amazing andatpeace.

Illtry to be betterat writing. Momma, ElderMendoza andI have the same birthday!So we will berighteously andsuper obediently partying it up likecrazy people the 28th. Juuusstttt so you know, ;) We like treats. A lot. Therearent really treats here in our area. Theyonly have onetype of alfajor, so my streak oftrying a new alfajor every week has been broken.

I just feelso incredibly blessed to be here. We made cookiesfor the mommas that have been so greatto us here in the pueblo andcolonia. They arejust amazing andI am so happy to havethem in my life. Wetoldthem happy mothersday andlet them know how really grateful weareforthem. I amso grateful and blessedtobehere.And incrediblyhappy!

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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