Monday, October 27, 2014

La cartita para la semana‏

So Ill just say that the mision argentina resistencia has one more reason that makes it THE BEST! Bonus skype for Argentine mothers day was AWESOME! Love you momma :) Feliz dia de la madre. 

I have been studying so much in patience. At times I feel self consience as I speak with the people-- they are timid and arent used to being asked questions. So I am learning so much patience with myself and with the people that I love so much. 

We worked our tails off this week. Flying around on our little bikes. They dont make bikes for big people here. Since we bought the used bike, I have had to take it back to the shop every single day to get something fixed that I have broken... But we are having a great time playing in dust and bringing souls unto Christ. 

Interviews were amazing. Really just what I needed for a great battery charge to keep going. It was so good to talk, to express myself and to be taught. It was also so good to see Elder Fiabane, Elder Carrera and Elder Israelsen. I have been blessed with such amazing relationships here in the mission.

We have been working hard with investigators and less active people. It is such a priviledge to reach out to these people that really just need some love and understanding. Some nurturing in the gospel. We FILLED the church this week. We had 46 people there. Just a joy for me to see all of those members and people that are coming to know that which we love.

I love this work so much and am so blessed to be a part of it. 

Still havent seen any rain here. Honestly Im kind of excited to see what this place turns into with a little bit of water.. RAIN BOOTS!!

Elder Johnson

Taking a half shower (these save your life)
Sleeping in the colectivo after divisions
Probably going to baptize here :)

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