Monday, November 3, 2014

super bad computer...‏

 washing the clothes
  Lunch in the church 

 pday tacos!

So this isnt the best computer Ihave ever used on earth. We had an amazing week really. I carried out divisions with an Elder that I knew while I was in the office. Poorguy.He told me that eventhe membersof the branch he is from told him that he wouldnt make itmore than 3 months in the mision. He carries 16 months in the mission now, and is trying to re dedicate himself tothe work. 3 emergency tranfers. Poorguy. Iwent to the divisions feling a little bit of pressure, and just wanting to help him. I just tried toshow that I love him, that he really can be a great missionaryand that he has so much potentialin the 8 months that he lacks in the mission. He told me in the end of divisions that this was the first time that he has liked divisions and that he learned so much. I felt so blessed towork wth him really.

Ithas been raining.Rainingraining raining. Ourpension hs been covered in mud,and thereisnt a single student here in the high schoolwe are writing in. Mud mud mud. Ilove it! Butit makes it sodifficultfor the people to go to church. 
We had a great fast yesterday.And saw so many results.I justfeelsoblessed towork in this great area. 
We started working with a partial family here in Naineck that moved from FormosaCapital. Such deisres that they have to come untoChrist. 

I love this work! SOrry for thismedio truchoemail.


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