Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mejor semana del Mundo!‏


WOW we had an amazing Christmas. I am so incredible blessed o workhere in this area. The people are so special and I love them so much. I have no clue where to even start. Oh, well weare writing in the gas station today... The furniture store didnt have dinternet yesterday, or today. SO we tried our luck here and ahi comienza la lucha con la maquina.

Wednesday we had a group activity. Just so humble and happy. Wee sang hymns together and just had a good time. I was so happy to be with all of the people I love so much and pass Christmas with them.

After that, we had a district meeting (we are a little district o 4 missionaries because we are so ar away from everyone else..) there under the mango tree in the church property. We spoke of the atonement of our Savior. HOW I LOVE THE ATONEMENT! I know that Christ as born and died for us. I love him so much. Elder pacheco asked me that which I do to show my gratitud for that wonderful sacrifice that Christ carried out for me. I have been deply pondering that question so muhc.

THat afternoon we passed for the Recalde familyi (the family of Mirco). THis time of th year is so hard for them because the 24th a feaw years ago pased away the father, and the 28th passed away the litltle brother. We sang with them and shared with them about the atonement. It was a lesson purely guided by the spirit. 

That afternoon we had ASADO with the Diaz family. I would never choose to pass Christmas in any other way. I love it here and love these families.

MOMMA AND DAD!!!!!! Thank you so much for the packages! We loved the beanies and the missionay stockings! I was so happy to receive them when we arrived in CLorinda for the zone Christmas conference the 26th. THank you so much :)

Our double birthday was the best. 65 people arrived to church, and I just was on the edge of tears the whole meeting to be all squished together with these people that I love. The sacrament took probably 15 minutes or more because there is only one priesthood holder that passed. Oh it was beautiful.

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