Monday, January 12, 2015


Okay momma! So to answer your questions!

Most people in the city I live in are banana farmers. Bananeros is the Spanish word.
 So the direct translation? BANANERS! Hahhahahahah I cracked up when I heard that.

Pray for Hector Alcura. He is a less active member we are trying to help come back. Oh
boy he is amazing. Littlleeee by little we are helping him come back.

The sisters have a clothes mender???? woooooooo cushyyy. Make em work a little harder
 momma ;) But FEED THEM WELL! I need the good karma :) You can tell that I mend
all of my clothes....


I want to share the conversion story of David and Leticia Recalde who were both baptized
this last friday in the little pond behind the house of the Diaz family-- el laguito que cambia
vidas. One day in divisions with Urcino Diaz, our group leader, we ran into a joven and the
Spirit just told me HEY!!! YOU NEED TO TALK TO HIM! This was Mirco, who a month
later received the Aaronic priesthood. He plays the role of father in the family.

His mother finally attended church when he was ordained. We invited her to come under our
priesthood mango tree to be present. It reminded me when momma came to all of my advanccings
in the priesthood as well. This whole time we were teaching David and Leticia, the younger
siblings of Mirco. After about 3 lessons, we asked if they even believe in God. No interest was
shown. They both answered no because of the loss of their little brother, their grandfather and
the abandonment of their dad. So we slowed down the lessons-- REALLY slow. But it was
amazing to see them little by little attend church and just come to love the gospel.

I love this family. David was interviewed to receive the priesthood this last Sunday. He has
changed so much. He just gave me a big hug after his baptism. Totally destroyed my shirt, but
worth every penny. Leticia just rocks. You can see the light of Christ just shining out of her.
They both have firm testimonies of the gospel now.

bautiiissmmoooooooooo of Leticia and David :)
                                                                                                                                 A little ASADO
Argentina-- la mas hermosa!​

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