Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Primavera en mi en mi alma hay!‏

So this is going to be a shorty...

Raining non stop since Last wednesday. Its hard to sleep with our tin roof and so much rain...

I redcorded my voice and my testimony when I finished the book of Mormon neew years eve. That book is amazing and I a so grateful for it. I shar it with EVERYONE. The office kind of gets wound up for always having too send us more books for, but they can live with it :) I know the book is true, and that THIS IS THE TRUE AND LIVING CHURCH HERE ON THIS EARTH!
The letters showup seconds after I type...
Church attendance was sooooo low. Only 17 people. The peole that showed up came walking barefoot in the mud. Moto nor bikes were an option because of the mud. I was asked to give a talk... after the reunion already started. I found my notes on the talk of april 2014 of Pte Uchtdorf-- gratitud. Wow. I felt so humbled. I spoke on the subject, and myheart was full.
Love you all! Love this work! 
Elder Johnson

our investigator (the gimenez family,) likes having dead animal things in the house.
 I love that family!

more asado :)

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