Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Internet:1 Misioneros:0‏

Another week with excitement with the internet-- We tried all day yeterday and finaly could enter half n hour before having to enter the pension for the night. Here we are in the 7th place we have tried to write home, and the internet isfinally working. So we are finishing our time this morning.
Just the best week on earth again. The riain finally stopped during the wek ad the road dried up to be abloe to ge around in bici.
This week we had interviews with President Franco. I learned so mjuch and was just so edified. I received so much helpwith goal stting, and I am so grateful for that. Goals have always been a struggle for me-- so I feel that, in the spirit of prayer and following the HOly Ghost, I will be guided so that I may acheive my potental that my Heavenly Father has prepared for me..
We spoke on the radio twice this week. Once in the colony, and thinking that we were already radio stars, we went to the local radio here in Naineck and they gave us a time. They want us to come back every week to speakand preach on the radio! We will see how everything turns out. I am so grateful that the Lord is providing so many marvelous ways for us to reach out to so many people here. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that he has his han in every phase of it.
THe bikes are working incredibly. We have had to weld, re weld and reweld so many parts of my bike... they dont really make bikes for people like me here. But everything is orking out great :)
I love this work. I kow that the church is true, and the Book of Mormon keeps changing my life. The atonement is real! I just know it.

Alittlebit of divisions to go save the world.

                              Talking on the colony radio-- a littlleeee hot in there.


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