Tuesday, February 10, 2015

La Obra Hermosìsima.

Que semana hermosa.

We have so many families that are progressing so wonderfully in the gospel. One of which is MARRIEDDDDDD!!!!! HoLLAAAA. I think that is couple number 5 that I have met in Argentina (that arent members of the church) that are married. They are so excited for baptism :)

Tuesday night, we had already had a pretty tough day. Because of the highway blockage by the natives in the colony and the need to detour the route of cars, trucks and motorcycles in the colony, combined with the 2 weeks of no rain, there is so much dust. It reminds me of hiking through the village in Havasupi. Dust dust dust. That has made it a little hard on the health, but we`ll be okay. Anyways, we passed by one of our investigators who couldnt come to church  He feels that it is impossible to overcome his addictions-- he has tried and tried again. But I know, without doubt, that he CAN overcome these hardships and bring peace to his family.


I studied the atonement every single day this week. I have been able to develop a firm testimony that Jesus Christ promises to forgive our sins when we have faith, repent, are baptized by the authority of God, keep these covenants, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and just keep going till the end. But this week, I was really able to further learn that ALL that we carry in this life, our sadnesses, the burdens, the unfair things, etc are all corrected and made whole through the atonement. I loved Isaiah 53 so much. I read it Tuesday with Elder Mendoza, and the Spirit overcame me.

I am so grateful for the Priesthood. Through prayer, and this power, miracles happen. I have no doubt.

We had another lunch with the Gimenez Martinez family (we are just praying that they will soften their hearts to be married). They always have exciting lunches for us-- boiled pig skin with beans (still a little piggy hairs in their), pirana (de veinte), and this round boiled cow face and udder. They are so humble and loving, and are so willing to follow Christ. They live in Laguna Naineck-- far away from the church. It always seems that their motorcycles dont work on the weekends :( But we are working that they may go to church with more consistancy and soon arrive to the waters of baptism.

I miss Elder Mendoza. We shared some really great and tough times. SO many sacred experiences. I am so excited to be with Elder Christian White. He is incredible and just a powerful servant of the Lord. We havent even taught a lesson today yet-- I could just tell as we helped Elder Exstrom and Elder Denison move their pension this morning. This will be a good transfer :)

Elder Whites`s camera is broken and mine is in Resistencia being repared. So we took a picture with the cell phone

Grandpa-- youre a stud.

Élder Johnson


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