Tuesday, March 17, 2015


That we keep the Scadlock family in our prayers. We all miss her dearly and looked up to her purity, her dedication to the work and the spirit she carried with her constantly.

Last week Elder White and I experienced a miracle. We were riding our bikes in the pouring rain towards the colony. When it rains up here in Laguna Naineck, it just RAINS. So we´ve got our rain boots on, and trying to find the least muddy paths to arrive to our appointments that we had in the colony. We make it about fifteen minutes away from the town and Elder White´s tire flattens completely. Being distanced from the town already, we hadnt an option of returning-- we would miss all of our appointments. We remembered a bicicle shop that we had passed by the other day and we trudged through the mud to arrive. In plain siesta, we honestly thought that we werent going to have much luck. When we arrived, without asking, the Hermano Leandro Sanabria received us and we met his family. Elder White didnt have a single tiny hole in it. We´re sure that there were little angels letting out the air on his bike.

 We found out that he was a member (we have yet to find his registers). He has been introducing us to his friends, his family members, and basically his whole neighborhood. He came to the baptism service that we had at the church for Sixto Gomez and Juan Portillo, attended church with his buddies Victor and Javier as well as his two daughters, and we are having a great time with them. HE IS MARRIED AS WELL. Miracles. I am so grateful for that.

Hermano Sanabria is THE BEST. He found out I could sing and loves retro. Elder White totally set me up... but I ended up doing an Elvis performance for them. I was so upset with Elder White.

Sixto Gomez and Juan Portillo were baptized this week. We finally had the pool that we borrowed from Laguna Blanca. The best baptism service I have ever been to. It is so great to see grown men, Sixto with 59 years and Juan with 37 make giant changes in their lives. Sixto was thanks to the help of so many members. Juan was a Book of Mormon miracle. He wouldnt have ever been able to leave behind tabaco and the drinking without it. I love him.

-Elder Tyler Johnson

                                        Pics: No keys, push to start

                                                 Baptism. We go HARD.

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