Monday, May 11, 2015


What a great week.
I feel like I told you all everything yesterday in the Skype call. THE LAST SKYPE CALL. I cant believe it! It makes me sad to think that my mission only will last a few more short months-- September is going to roll around so quickly. I honestly think that, if the opportunity were to be extended to me, I would accept another year in the mission in a heartbeat. I love it here. I love the changes that are made in the lives of the people.
We received permission to play a card/board game called muchkins. So last pday we just played that. It was exciting, and a relaxing change to normal pdays.

We are still working with the Urbina family. We always have our lessons at 9 at night because of Gaston`s work hours, so we always end up having to have short, brief lessons and having to run from one end of our area to the other to arrive to the apartment so that we may enter the pension before the last bell at 10pm. So we always forget to take pictures with them. They are just a golden family. Despite all of the rain, mud, and more mud that just happens to occur Saturday nights, they haven`t missed a day of church in the last month, even though we have been having stake conferenes every other week. Even with the stake building located far away from their home, they faithfully arrive.

Gaston Urbina is doing incredibly with overcoming his cigs addiction. Just as Juan Portillo did, he has been able to overcome his problem with the Book of Mormon. Just a pure and true book! He would frequently take smoking breaks at work before, but he replaced this habit with reading the Book of Mormon. It just amazing the changes that can happen to people in such a short amount of time through the atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I know that people from both sides of such a thin veil work in this labor. Miracles still occur on a regular basis. Gaston and his family will be baptized this Saturday. We are just so enthused for their progress.

I loved consejo de lideres on Thursday. I really loved that of edifying and establishing the church here in Formosa. Stake conference was incredible as well. In the adult session, the focus was missionary work. We all just felt too content as Elder Sergio L. Krasnoselsky from the 70 spoke about the importance of the members working shoulder to shoulder with us and ensuring that we are teaching-- NOT finding. I love the members here. Almost all of them are converts to the church, so they have blazing testimonies that THIS is what everyone needs, and that which we need to share with others.

Love you all!

-Elder Tyler Johnson
​                   President Franco and I just showed up with the same hair cut to leadership counsel

                             Elder Conway and I going out to find some gas to cook.​


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