Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I hit the big 20 month mark yesterday...‏

Una semana fachera

The week started out a little hectic. In the beginning of the week we had 6 missionaries living in our tiny little apartment that is barely big enough for Elder Conway and I. There was a sister missionary that was ill that had to come down to formosa capital to go to urgent care. So between that all happening in the middle of the night as well as missionaries from our zone heading to Corrientes to do legalization paperwork at 5 in the morning, I felt that I was on the phone more than sleeping.
Elder Gregorio Vasco and I (we were on divisions) entered into Urgent Care to offer a blessing of health to the sister missionary. I have never seen anyone so happy to see missionaries. She just has a solid testimony of the priesthood.
The assistants came to carry out divisions with us as well. We werent able to carry them out just because we had to attend to the sister missionary and set up everything for the Multizone conference that we would be realizing the next day.
Thursday was amazing. Elder Conway and I decided to go a different route in the Multizone conference. Instead of Pizza and empanadas and an alfajor for a dessert, we bought shwarmas and ice cream :) Everyone was happy. I loved being instructed about being a fully dedicated missionary. I feel that I can never learn too much about those principles. One thing I realized while sitting in the conference was how much I LOVE the mission and this work. It might be crazy as a 21 year old kid, but I just LOVE doing this! I especially realized it while I watched the mission video of all the baptisms and just fun things. Those baptism pictures are just sacred moments for the missionaries and the converts that they will remember for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! There is nothing more beautiful than that! I hit 20 months yesterday... I dont feel ready or willing to go home in a little more than 3 months... This is such a wonderful work.

Sunday was great. There was a lot of rain and mud, so there werent many members that could arrive to church. The Urbina family didnt arrive as well. I had no clue why! I was honestly so sad in the beginning of the meeting. As the sacrament proceeded, I started praying and just asked that they could arrive, even if hey arrive late. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, they did. I love that family, and I just know that Heavenly Father honors our sincere requests.

Oh! So two Fridays ago I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish. I read it just focusing on humility. I feel that I lack so much, but I was able to learn a great deal. That book is so true, and I just feel God´s love so plainly through the teachings in it.

Alexia Morel, the sister of Yesica, is progressing amazingly towards baptism. She stopped going to night clubs, drinking and smoking all by herself. We are so proud of her.

I love this work!
-Elder Tyler Johnson

All of the Elders from the Ibarreta zona buzzed their heads right after their mothers day skype after seeing my hair... Oops.

The Garcete Family-- we are working on reactivating the father and son. The mom made us Pasta Frola and Hot Chocolate after the noche de hogar :)​

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