Monday, December 2, 2013

Dios Les Ama! Week 10

I love being a missionary. Yes I sweat all the time and people cant always understand me,
especially when I am tired, but everything is well in Zion (Mercedes, Argentina in case
you were wondering)

This week has been great. Our numbers did not turn out the way that we planned, but we
worked our hearts out. We had a day where basically all of our ilumidados told us that
they no longer had the desire, drive, etc., to hear our message. This day was tough, but
we bounced back harder than we ever had. This week we are focusing on asistencias as
well as finding new investigators. I am beyond excited!

Our baptism fell through this week because our investigator was in a scooter accident and
broke her leg. She was in surgery all this week. We have been visiting her here and there
in order to animarle and we are hoping that she will turn to Christ during this struggle. We
have been focusing a lot in the atonement with her. The worst thing is that she ditched
church, and broke her leg during the time. I am telling you. Church is a good place to be!

This week I had divisions with Elder Taylor from Australia. It was a blast. It was his
birthday the first day so we stopped working 10 minutes so that we could buy ice cream
from Gridos. Then the next day was thanksgiving, so we made more pancakes than a man
could possibly eat. Keyword: man. We are representatives of Jesus Christ! So we ate so
much. With dulce de leche. Delicioussss. Then we got more ice cream on the way to the
terminal for the busses. Yes, the day faulted turkey and everything, but it was great.

Do missionary work! Just because you do not have a nametag means nothing. You can
still receive incredible blessings.

I love you all so much!

Thanksgiving Pancakes

  Tacos, tacos and more tacos

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