Monday, January 20, 2014

trabajando, Trabajando, y TRABAJANDO!‏ week 17


Gordon B. Hinckley was so right when he said that the greatest antidote for discouragement is work. The Lord is the head of this work. Once we forget ourselves and remember this, that is when the miracles arrive, and the discouragement flees. There really is no substitute for hard, smart, spirit guided work.

Hermano Omar, one of the members in the branch noted something incredible in his lesson yesterday in church. He pointed out the difference between happiness and joy. Sure, when discussions, and baptismal services fall through, when we have to stop visiting investigators because they have yet to been prepared by the Lord to receive the Gospel, or they just do not have the desire to listen anymore, this has no way of sparking happiness in me. However, when I reflect during my morning and nightly prayers and in my journal writing, I have the most joy right now than I have ever had in my life. I am still working on my mission goals. One thing I definitely want to overcome during this time is my indecisiveness... I just have a hard time deciding everything!

The work is incredible. The spirit is real and I have seen our daily prayers to God, where we ask for the spirit to guide us, aswered on a regular basis. I have been studying so much on revelation and the Holy Ghost this week. I want to be able to help myself and my investigators to recognize their answers to their prayers so that they can take the counsel of God, follow it, so that they may finally follow their Savior Jesus Christ and start a new life through baptism. It is crucial that we are LISTENING to the spirit. I am learning this a little more every single day.

I love you all so much! Best wishes from Mercedes, Corrientes, ARGENTINA!!!!

Elder Johnson

OREOS (they taste so much different)

preaching the gospel to EVERY creature

  • toad in the apartment‏

hahahhaah i scared Elder Santana SO BAD with this little guy!

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