Monday, January 6, 2014

Soy Llamado al Servicio!‏ week 15

This week was fantastic! It was harder than usual, especially with having
a little bit of illness. I read the parts about Alma and the sons of Mosiah,
and how they went through everything up until being bound in prison
probably five times this week-- that humbled me a little bit to not complain
or feel sorry for myself with a little Argentine bug. Now that Hermana
Heyman has me all drugged up, I am slowly but surely improving little by little.

This week I focused every day on studying an attribute of Christ during my
personal studies. This helped so much during the past week, especially with
our struggles with getting investigators to church and struggling with sickness.
The capacitation for new missionaries helped me remember that I have incredible
authority as a representative of Christ in this work, and that really, this is the work
of the Lord. It is so incredible how a little bit of faith and a lot of work can bring about
miracles. The field is white right now. Not later, not in a few years, or when it is a little
cooler and less humid outside. Not once I feel better and have more strength brought
 back to my body. It is so important to remember that the Lord is the head of this work,
the head of this harvest, and the head of his restored church in this Earth.

This transfer I am really trying to set my mission goals. I love setting goals-- they drive me
to work harder and get things done. On the same note, setting spiritually centered goals is
tough for me-- they are a little complicated to measure the progress. Does that make sense?

If I could get a little help with this, that would be incredibly appreciated.

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