Friday, January 31, 2014

Bienvenidos a la mejor oficina del MUNDO!‏

Family and Friends!
So tranfers passed! I got a call from President Heyman to let me know that I will be the financial secretary for the mission! The financial secretaries stay in the office for a long time-- usually 9 months or so. Therefore, I am guessing I will gain back at least a little of the 25 pounds I have lost since I left the MTC. It is so different to be here, but I love the work just the same!
This past week has been such a mind spinner. I was praying so hard to know who should be the hermanamiento of Eugenio, our iluminado. When we got to his house, Hermano Ferrau, who had been an active member for 20 years, but hasn´t been to church for three years passed by and began chatting with us. We got him to pass with us, and he basically taught the whole Book of Mormon for us. Our role in that lesson was just to testify; Hermano Ferrau was so excited and was teaching with his whole heart. Prayer Answered. The Lord is the head of this work.

Financial secretary is a LITTLE bit different than working in Mercedes. I miss Elder Santana—I just love my companions too much I suppose. I just felt like Mercedes was the best area in the world; despite all of the things I had heard from other missionaries. Nevertheless, I am so excited to start my work handling the sacred funds of the mission. My responsibilities put me a in a somewhat nervous state, for it is the Lord´s money that I will be handling. Preach my Gospel promises us that the spirit will help us in every phase of missionary work; therefore, I know that I will need help of the spirit in this phase Sí o Sí!
The Elders in the office are just immaculate! I look up to them so much and I feel like I have already learned so much in the couple of days I have been here. Elder Howlett is a great teacher, and it is a blast to learn the ropes from him on a daily basis. The assistants are so fun, and just so willing to help with any given issue that I might face. Last but not least, let´s be honest: the house that we live in, and PAZOOKIES and CAKE from Sister Heyman are more than my dreams could dream!
I am learning an incredible amount from Moroni in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon. There is no way that book could ever be false. I have seen miracles happen in my life because of the teachings in that book. I know it is true. I love that Moroni, although he is so young, has true love for his people! He follows the spirit in the way he leads his band of warriors, and leads them in the way Christ would.
I love you all! Thanks so much for everything!

 Elder Johnson
                                          Goodbyes with Elder Santana and the Montiel Family

Elder Johnson

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