Friday, February 14, 2014

Semana Pasada‏ week 20


I´m getting more and more used to the office. We didn't get to leave very much again this week, so I don´t have all that much to report again. I´ve found that my prayers are a lot more sincere as I ask for the assurance that I am doing that which the Lord wants me to do.

I felt like a part of me died when I got to the truck of the assistants and my bag was gone. First, I thought about my camera. But surprisingly, what hurts me most are that my scriptures and $2 composition notebook with 4 months worth of spiritual promptings are probably sitting in a trashcan somwhere in Resistencia.

This week, although we just worked a little bit out in the field, we found some amazing investigators. Well, their AWAL puppy found me. We picked it up, and, with the filtro misional lecture in my head from earlier in the week, I started contacting them. Walter and Tatiana have friends who are members of the church, and we fixed a cita with the couple as well as their friends. Due to the rain, their friends couldn´t make the lesson, but they seem so prepared. They are excited to learn more, and have already researched to learn more. They aren´t married, but we are going to work with that.

I realized how much I really love the people here this passed week. I just want to talk to them all-- it doesn´t matter to me if we are in a city bus and they aren´t in my area. I just want them all to know their Savior a little bit more and have the ground soil to follow him.

Elder Johnson

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