Friday, February 28, 2014

Vamos!!! week 22

Family and Friends!

This week, although it flew by, was just great. We saw the spirit guiding us as we looked for new people to teach. For example:

5 weeks ago, we taught a couple that was really interested in the gospel with a progressing investigator. We fixed a charla with the 3 in the house of the investigator for a couple days following. However, before the lesson, our investigator picked up and left to Brazil for some reason. This week, we were walking to visit a contact, and we felt to walk along the train tracks and contact a house that was under a huge water reserve tank (I would be a little scared to live under there).  They didn´t receive us, so we were a little curious why God made us feel to contact them. We contacted the next beat up house, and justly, it was our long lost excited investigators! There is no way we would have found this family that lives on a little pass along the train tracks without the spirit´s guide. 

The same thing happened with a less active member. We felt to contact a house, and again, they didn´t receive us. Turning the corner, we saw Marcos, a less active that we have always wanted to talk to. We´ve worked with his brother Matias quite a bit recently,and he is coming back to church! Marcos is a taxi driver, so he is either sleeping, or isn´t home. Well, he was finally home for once. He received us, and was so happy that we were there. In tears, he told us that he knew God sent us to his house. He had been struggling with family affairs, as well as some other serious sins. He had talked to the bishop for help, but it was just hurting him too much to carry the load as he started the repentance process. As representatives of Jesus Christ, we were able to testify to him of the cleansing power of the Atonement, and we read a little bit of 3 Nephi 17 that came to my mind. The part when Christ blesses the children one by one and cries for them. I love this part, because it helps me to KNOW that Christ loves us one by one. That his atonement is individual. It doesn´t matter if the people are a little different than me, can´t read, or seem the farthest away from what I would think a member should look like. What matters is that the Lord has prepared these children of God. We are just the finders.

Love you all! Stay amazing!

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