Friday, March 28, 2014


  •                             caught a turtle from the sewer ditch..‏

  •                                    6 month 1/2 kilo‏                                                                                                       


    Elder Fiabane and I in Corrientes‏

I don´t have much time left, but the question about charity made me think so much.
I know that I love the people. I can feel it when I teach, work with them, and I want the best for them. But charity, being the true love of Christ, I think I lack arriving to have this trait. I love the people so much, but just as I have had to grow so much to come to this point, I am sure that it will take much growth to come to love in the way Christ loves us. I´ve noticed as we have come to love the members in the ward, I have been able to work with them so much more effectively. As I have come to love my investigators, I have been able to invite them to come into Christ for their true benifit. And even the poeple that reject us. Loving them has helped me to leave with a smile on my face, knowing that the little testimony we were able to share helped them come a little closer to their Savior.

This week was amazing! We are so excited for Andrea´s baptism tomorrow!

Elder Johnson

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