Friday, March 14, 2014

The duo: Fiabane y Johnson week 24

I love having the opportunity to work with Elder Fiabane in Barrio II.
We are working so great with the members already, such as the priests
in the ward, a few hermanamientos, and we are working to have a few
members host lessons in their homes. Not having as many baptisms as the
majority of my group in the MTC is discouraging at times. I wonder what I am
doing wrong to not have this type of success of bringing other people unto Christ.
Then of course, I must remember that it isn´t about what I as Elder Johnson do,
it is how I allow the spirit to work through me. I just need to be more trusting in
the Lord that there are people prepared here, and follow the revelation we have
received to help them. I feel a little pressure being Senior companion with Elder
Fiabane, especially since he has more time in the mission than me. But hey, you
learn from your mistakes, right?

Going on divisions to take Elder Karmanov out on his first day in the field was
definitely a treat. We had two lessons, one of which I cut off short because the lady
had no interest in the gospel.. The rest of the night we were looking for a few inactive
families, and passing for discussions that were falling through. His excitement followed
without wavering. It made me remember when I first got to the mission, and how every
single charla was just as important as the next. I feel like I have lost that a little bit, and
working with him helped me remember that these lessons are so incredibly important for
the salvation of the people and that we have been sent to these people to teach them.

Everything is great! I am loving my time in the office. We all have a little heartache
without Elder Child. I love all of these Elders so much!

Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnson
Misión Argentina Resistencia
435 Entre Ríos
Resistencia, Chaco 3500
Casilla de Correo #1


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