Friday, May 2, 2014

Well this week went by unusually (how do you spell that?) quickly.
There is never down time between the office and the mission field.
So I had some great experiences this week. First of all, I know that this gospel
is true. Without a doubt. I know that our Savior Jesus Christ is the head of this church.
I have felt it. I have received a witness through the Holy Ghost that it is so. And I love
seeing, even if they reject the answer just as thousands rejected our Savior while he
was in the earth, when people have actually prayed and received an answer. I KNOW
that whoever prays with a sincere heart, after doing their homework, WILL receive an
We are working with a lady named Noemi and her family. They live in a little brick home.
This family, despite living in humble circumstances, is incredible. Their faith is so pure.
And despite the sadnesses  from trials they still love their God. I love being able to work
with these sons and daughters of God.
I thought it would be fun to see if I could jump off a ledge into mud farther than Elder
Fiabane while waiting for our bus. I jumped, he didn´t. I landed the jump.. as did my butt...

This is Andrea and her family! The two sons will be baptized this Saturday, and Agustin
wants us to sing at his baptism his favorite hymn: "mas cerca Dios de ti". Good choice.
So we have permission to go witness these awesome guys take these great steps in
their life!

I love this work!

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