Friday, May 23, 2014

Family and Friends!
Another good week passed! I feel like Pday just comes way too quickly. Before I know it I´m in a supermarket or cleaning the pension again... 

The work is going great in the office! The new reimbursment system cut down the time from a whole week without leaving to my area to work to a couple days. I was also able to go pay a few bills, go to the bank and find some new souls to teach. Talk about a little bit of improvement. So I´d say that I am pretty content with all of that.

Out of nowhere it got cold... Real cold... Like 60 degrees cold... So I don´t know what happened to the good old hot Chaco that I loved.

We have been working more on opening our mouths and talking and testifying with whichever person with which we cross. We have seen some amazing results. I don´t know why we have so much fear to share about Jesus Christ with people around us or our friends. The message of the restored gospel of our Savior is the most important message that our friends and family and associates will EVER hear in their whole lives! So open your mouths and let your friends know why you are so happy and why you have so much hope! You will be blessed, and your mouths will be filled with the words that which the Lord wants you to say.

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

Driving President´s car
SUBWAY IS COMING TO CHACO! I almost kneeled and cried right there.
Elder Fiabane and I are thinking of trying out to be the new missionary models for LDS.ORG and the Ensign ;)

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