Friday, May 30, 2014

Rain and Roadtrips

What a great week.

Traveling to Santa Fe made me think quite a bit. It´s just a great experience to be able to leave the world out and think and talk about the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. Before the mission, while talking about gospel principles with others, I most often applied the topics and knowledges to myself. More and more I find myself thinking of how I can use the information and knowledge to help others whether it be investigators (how do you spell that in english?), members, or even other missionaries. I love having the opportunity to help others and be a servant in the hand of the Lord. 

We have been praying hard to have investigators in the church. We have been working on finding, finding and finding, but Elder Fiabane and I have lacked quite a bit on the church assistance. This last week we put it all on the line and spoke until our throats were sore. We found some, and had to leave others. We finally found two unmarried couples, one of which, S_____and E___, just blow me away. They don´t have very much education, and they live under the humblest of circumstances. Their house is made of old rusty tin roofs attatched together with the plastic of a billboard on the side to have wind cover. They are SO excited to accept this message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Even with the rain and their crying baby, they came to church. Then, we found I____and A__-- A_____ works most of the week a few hours away, so we can´t pass by all that much to teach. They didn´t wake up when we passed by and clapped on Sunday, so we were a little bummed. I was sitting in the Sacrament hall thinking, and there they entered! Soaking wet from the 30 minute drive from the little barrio to the church. They came even though they had to leave their 11 and 3 year old children at home (not that I am encouraging this or anything...). I KNOW that God answers prayers. He loves us and knows our wants and our needs. I know that he is so willing to bless us if we have faith in him. He carried out exactly that. 

I love this work!

Pictures: Road trip with President Heyman
Santa Fe reminded me of Prescott

Elder Johnson

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