Friday, May 9, 2014

Family and Friends!

Well, Noemi doesn´t want us to pass by anymore... It breaks my heart a little bit. I always wanted to help out that family. I always felt a little guilty for not being able to do anything more but bring this message into her home. Then I realized this is the best thing that I can possibly doing for this family. This is the only way that they may truly find joy in their lives. I know it is true. I know that only through the saving ordinances that we have been given through the restored gospel may we live with our families after this life. How wonderful it is.

It is a little tough to find new people to teach right now, but we are constantly looking. I have seen a great succes in simply having the faith in success. Reading the Book of Mormon makes me realize how often I personally forget the manifestations of the Lord´s hand in my life, and go back to having faith in Elder Johnson rather than the Lord. Ive been working so hard to change that. 

One thing I have been studying in the Book of Mormon is the importance of teaching to the needs of the people. It is so evident that the Book of Mormon is written to our needs personally, and that the Holy Ghost teaches us through this sacred book. I know that it is true. Lately I have been putting into practice more teaching with the scriptures. I love the validity they give to the word. 

Elder Fiabane and I were given the chance to attend the baptism of Gabriel and Agustin (Andrea´s children). The service was beautiful. A couple of the priests (some of my best friends Ive made in Argentina) performed the bapstisms. The spirit was undeniable in the room. Afterwords, Andrea, the women with whom we worked for so long was invited to give her testimony. It was short, but it was powerful and so pure. She has a true love for our Savior and she has truly been converted. I haven´t had all that much success when it comes to numbers of baptisms, but Elder Fiabane and I know that God put us in that area and put us in her house for a very specific reason . I know that this is the work of the Lord!

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

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