Friday, August 1, 2014

Looking for a place to live...‏

What a quick week. We´re already half way through the transfer.

This week wasnt all that eventful to be honest. The last week I left the office to work was Sunday afternoon. The rest of the week I have been calling every single real estate business in Resistencia for to find us a new place to live. When the inmobiliarias tell me that everything is rented out, that means EVERYTHING is rented out. Never before the mission did I think I would be praying for help with money, finding a place to live, playing with excel graphs, etc., but it is amazing how the Lord unfolds that which he wants us to do as we trust in him and do his will. I know that I am carrying out his will as I help others to come unto Christ and know his restored gospel.

One of the new investigators we found Thursday during our fast came to church on Sunday. The BIGGEST obstacle for basically the whole mission I would say. I don't know if it is like this in the whole country, but 9 AM church, living half an hour away on bus and the culture don't mix. So I just love the members that show the faith to come to church every Sunday to renew their promises that they have made with God at baptism. Luz and her son Marcos came happily to church this last Sunday. So we will be praying for them.

Still no contact or success with Ariel, Isabel and the family. We will definitely continue praying for them.

I love the focus we are taking in the mission in hastening the work. Wow wow wow it is so true!!! It just gets me so pumped. I know that we need to work together in this work as members and missionaries. No doubt about it. Lets go help in the hastening of the work!

Elder Johnson

Mom, remember when you used to give me haircuts, and you´d let me go around with ridiculous haircuts to swim meets, or around the house? I think Dad was always out of town during those times... Hhaha best mom ever! (Celebrating childhood memories)

Broken hammock (see last week´s explanation)

MOM AND DAD! Thanks for the Argentine tie! We are in the aduana, and here are our best friends (as you can see with the bags and stacks of packages, sometimes things dont come through all that quickly). They like me so much, they gave it to me for free again :)

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