Friday, August 22, 2014


WOOOO HOOOO! Im an uncle! UNCLE!!!! That is the best news ambs! Mom and Dad-- you will both make super grandparents. Minions--Dibs on being favorite uncle. Ambs and Darren--SUERTE....

This week has been great. Two Elders went home for problems from before the mission and it just broke my heart. I love these missionaries with whom I serve, and I have realized that I have developed so many important friendships with them. I am so glad that I have been sent to this mission to serve my God. 

WE FOUND OUR HOUSE!!! (I think). Its half a block from the church and it will work perfectly. The only problem is the realitor. (How do you spell that?). He needs a few lessons on being a buisiness man from Grandpa Johnson. We will see how it all turns out. I felt a little silly, but during my prayers that night I just thanked Heavenly Father for hearing our prayers to find a place to live. It´s something so insignificant, but it meant so much to us, and I know that our prayers were answered.

We decided to start working closer with Bishop. I love him so much. He´s just a happy, silly guy. I feel bad, but before I didnt think the best of him because he missed a lot of church. But we had an hour talk with him about the work we had done with the less active members, and talking about how we can serve. And he just lit up and was so happy for the work that we have done. He wants to have a chat with us every week now. And he even wants to call a ward mission leader, so we are making some huge progress. THEN he invited us over for dinner. WHATTTT??!?!! Ive had two meals with members in the last 6 months, so that just made me so darn happy. We had ASADO, and talked about the ward and his family. I am so grateful for the amazing leaders with which I am able to work here in the mission.

Luz and Marcos are doing incredibly. We finished up all the lessons that they need to have to be baptized and they just are too excited for this Saturday. It will be a unique experience for them. 
I´m praying so hard that they will be able to have a memorable experience as they make this covenant with our Heavenly Father in the same exact way that Christ was baptized. Isn´t that great? That God has put all of this back on the earth through one of his prophets so that we may return to live with him? It awes me every time.

Love you all! Thank you so much for the prayers.

Elder Johnson

Obispo Shultz, hna Shultz y yo.

We made 5 liters of Horchata for Elder Perez´s last pday here in the office.

Elder Fiabane and I in a conference-- We are splitting up Wednesday, so this is going to be tough and a little sad for me. I love him so much.
We made 5 liters of Horchata for Elder Perez´s last pday here in the office.

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