Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Letter Home!‏

A week not too eventful. It has been spent mostly in the office, looking for more houses, reimbursments, etc. We are getting closer and closer to finding a place to live for all the office Elders, so we will keep our hopes up.

We are supposed to have a cita in the church tonight with Ariel. He hurt his back playing futbol a few weeks ago, so it is tough for him to sit. He says that he still wants to come to church, but he can´t sit for the whole time. Still no luck with Isabel. One of her records isnt found in the civil registry, so the marriage hasnt passed yet, and we havent talked with Isabel for a good week. 

We got to do service for a family in the ward this last Saturday! It was a blast. Ill give the lawn mower a kiss when I get home. Machettes are fun for a few 3 minutes. I love this family.

I went on probably the most humbling divisions yesterday. I went on divisions with a little 24 year old Peruvian that was in Resistencia for a medical exam. He has been having them for the last while. I left with him during the siesta so he wouldnt be in the office doing nothing. He wasnt the greatest teacher or the most spectacular at contacting, but his love for the people was so strong. Then he shared with one family how he had lost his mom 6 weeks ago. That just broke my heart. We were talking on the bus a little and he began to tell me about his family, and how he was so happy to skype them on mothers day.  I asked him if they were members and he told me no. I asked him if they supported him and he answered me that because of the death of his mother, he receives no support from the family. For the reasoning of, if he was a representative of Jesus Christ, how could our Savior let this happen. I just put my arm around him and couldnt speak. Last night he was telling us a story, and he spoke briefly about his mud house. This morning he came into my office and I asked him how his exam results came out and he let me know that the pain in his leg was cancerous. I feel like the mission is so hard at times, but then I see such sweet people as him and want to help them so much. We have so many blessings, and as humans we can be so quick to forget all of them. Let´s count our blessings.

Thank you for all the prayers and support. I know that our Savior lives and loves us. He died for us. Each and every one. How amazing is it to know that? Share it with someone! In the Mission Leadership Counsel we focused so much on working with members and hastening the work (that sounds so weird in English...) The Lord´s work needs to be done and it needs to be done now!

Elder Johnson

Reimbursments like a champ (for a while....)

Mowing lawns just like the summer Saturdays back home.

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