Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Email!‏

I was walking around the plaza with Elder Perez, and I knew I wouldn’t have
 too much time for email today because of our empanada party, so I thought
I would try something a little different. So I made a voice recording with the cell
phone-- I realized I had less things to say than I thought I would.

So shortly, Luz and Marcos are doing great with their goals to be baptized the
23rd. We had a lesson with them on Wednesday, and we realized that they didn’t
really have a great testimony that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith.
We started asking about their lectura with the Book of Mormon and the correlation,
as we expected, was evident. The Book of Mormon is key. If we want to KNOW that this
is the only true church of Jesus Christ that has been restored through a living prophet,
we must read the Book of Mormon. I know that God has spoken with me through this
holy book. I love it oh so much. Through times of struggle, even though maybe I wasn’t
doing  all the right things, by reading this book the Lord was able to hold onto me and
help me step by step to follow my Savior. I know that it is the word of God.

SO, we dropped a little cane  (with love) told them the importance of the book and
explained to them the importance. That night they read and prayed. The next day,
during their baptismal interviews they expressed wobbly, newly born testimonies of
the Book of Mormon and of the restoration. Wow. I was so happy for them and for the
progress they have made. The church is so incredibly true. No doubt about it.

Love you all!

Elder Johnson

Empanada party!

 Reimbursment champ humbled...

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