Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tyler's first letter!!!

Guess what! I'm still alive!! Isn't that exciting? 

Everyone, let me just start out by saying that the gospel of Jesus Christ is so true and that he loves every one of us. I can't wait to start teaching people this and working as hard as I possibly can so that others may know this as well.

An hour flies by when you're trying to chat back and forth with momma, upload pictures and make this email all at once! So sorry if it's short.

The MTC (CCM en espanol) is amazing. Truly awesome. The spirit is so strong!!! I've been learning so much. What a blessing it is to be here. I love it.

They have so much food here. SO MUCH FOOD!!!!! :)))))) I've gained 8 pounds since you saw me last week! Proud of me?! :) Wait... actually like 10... Oh welll. I know I'll burn it off in Argentina! I need to really just stop drinking the leche chocolate. It'll mess you up.... But it's heavenly.

My district is amazing. 

We have a progressing investigator named Felipe. Friday we had our first lesson with him in ESPANOL!!! So cool huh? I know how to bear my testimony pretty well in spanish, so we just did that. It was awesome that you could feel the spirit even through all of the broken spanish. Felipe tears up every time we come and teach him. Today we are going to ask him if he would like to be baptized. Cool huh? Pray for Elder Harding and I! The spirit is so strong, and even though Felipe is a teacher pretending to be an investigator, I know that the spirit helps us with the don de lenguas and to know what to teach.

I love singing Los Himnos! They're so fun. Everything we do is in spanish now. Even my prayers, then I say english words if I don't know how to say it in spanish. But we sang english hymns at the devotional.. and they're definitely not as fun. I love sunshine in my sol today, or Jesus es mi luz. So exciting and fun. Our district is really good as singing, so it sounds awesome with all the harmonies.

Basquetbol rocks! I get to play every day! Yeah, it's in the parking lot, but still. It's a blast.  

The gospel just makes me so excited. I smile so much here. It's frustrating, especially since I'm so impatient and want to know Spanish right now, but boy is it incredible. 

We got to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar that is just available to the MTC and it talks about the character of Christ. He turns out when the natural man turns in. Like how he asked for his mother to be taken care of when he was suffering on the cross. Or how he healed the minuscule wound of the soldier when his ear was cut off after suffering every single pain and sin of  every individual who had lived on the earth and who will ever live on the earth. Isn't that incredible? Elder Bednar said to forget ourselves, get out of the way and let the Lord do his work through us. I thought that was amazing. I'm working so hard on that. Just loving others and coming to know that I'm doing the right thing if I just focus on inviting others to come unto their Savior, Jesus Christ. Isn't it amazing and exciting? It is to me!

Here's my address! I love letters :)

Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnson
2023 N 900 E Unit 817
Provo, UT 

or Dear Elder me!! :)

I love you all! Read D&C 84:88! What an amazing scripture! And MATT. 11:28-30



-Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnsonn

Ty and Ramone on the airplane from Phoenix to Salt Lake

 On the shuttle from the MTC to MTC west.. Check out the newbie dots

 Elder Johnson with district.

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