Wednesday, October 23, 2013


How's everyone doing? I'm so happy to be out here. It's been incredible.
Sunday I was released as the District Leader, and Elder Harding and I were
called to be the zone leaders. It's pretty exciting actually. I've realized the
importance of praying so much for help with your callings. There is no
possibility of doing this ourselves! So it's so important that we turn to the Lord
for everything.

Sister Hemi (the Hermana from New ZeAland) pulled a muscle in her neck that
has prevented her from turning her head left (hahahaha Michael-- i can't turn left!)
for like three days. It was so bad that the doctor told her to take 12 anti-inflammatory
pills every day so that the swelling would go down. She asked me for a Priesthood
blessing last night, and within an hour, she could almost look over her left shoulder.
Awesome. During the blessing, I said words I never would have said before. The
spirit is real. And her pain went away almost immediately. The priesthood is real. Isn't
it amazing that God has trusted in us this power to act in his name? My testimony
of it has grown so much this week!

So after a long day of trying to learn Spanish, I pulled out that envelope you guys gave
me on the Trek when I was fourteen. I read your letters first, and man.
Any of my friends that are reading this? Sorry. Your parents can be second best ;)
You both have always loved me so much and set the greatest examples ever! Those
letters definitely got me going! After that, I pulled out the letter Great Grandpa Douglas
Johnson wrote to all of his kids, Grand kids, and great grand kids. Wow. What a powerful
man. He's just incredible. I've just been so blessed to have great people that came before
me to help me in my life, and especially help me in this work. We sing High on a
Mountain Top all the time in the MTC! And every time we do, I just can't help but
think of Great great great great something Grandpa Joel Hills Johnson being proud of me
for being here. I know that people like him are watching over me, and over every other
single missionary in the field right now!

I ran into two friends! Elder Joseph Babbel and Sister Giles from mission prep! So nice!

We taught our pretend investigator Eloy about "La Palabra de Sabiduria" (the word of wisdom)
yesterday. I was so nervous. However, the spirit was THERE! Man was it incredible!

We drink so much IBC soda it's a little ridiculous.

OH! So I only gained 3 pounds this week! Anyone proud of me??? All you do here is eat, sit,
eat, sit, then get half an hour of gym. I love it though!

Shoot.. I was going to say something super cool and important but I forgot..

Oh! Shout out to the Country Gables ward primary! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF
THE LETTERS AND COLORINGS! Everyone in the district loved them!

Oh, and guess who I'm going to be for Halloween! One of them Mormon missionaries!
Clever huh? Maybe I'll wear a cool tie or something to stay a little on the festive side.

The gospel is so incredibly true, amazing, and peaceful! I find so much joy in the scriptures!

Oh! I read the Book of Mormon again! It was incredible. I focused on the love in it, and man.
I just loved it. I learned so much!

Well, Hasta Luego!

Love you all!!

Alma 26:27

Elder Tyler Kenneth Johnson

 District at Provo Temple


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